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Happy Valentines Day! Here Are a Dozen 2021 Red Roses

This day is dedicated to spending time with the one you love, so here are a dozen red-themed 2021 Arctic Cats!

2021 Mountain Cat Alpha One Fire Red/Dynamic Charcoal

2021 Norseman X 8000

2021 Norseman X8000 153


2021 Blast LT 4000 146



2021 Blast LT 4000 146

2021 Blast M 4000 Alpha 146

2021 Blast M 4000 146 Alpha

2021 M8000 Hardcore Alpha


2021 M8000 Mountain Cat Alpha

2021 Riot X 8000 146

2021 ZR200



  1. I noticed the same about the colors lately. Too much red. I miss the days of all green, but I do think the Riot in Orange and Blue is gorgeous.

  2. When we (AC Marketing) would survey owners, mountain riders tended to be less brand loyal than trail riders. Sooooo, if you want to attract new owners from other brands to your technology (IE: Alpha single beam rear suspension) then you offer them a more neutral bright color than green. I’d assume this is one reason you see more red in the deep snow category, while the trail segment primarily sticks to green. Technically, Red was the original AC brand color…

  3. Neutral colors would be simply black or white. First they take my dealer away with no answer and now they only have one color in the sled I would want. Well luckily I’ve got multiple ski-doo and polaris dealers within a half hour drive but more then an hour for a Cat dealer.

  4. Well Pat, was your business yanked out from under you with no answers as to why? I’ve ridden Cat for around 40 years and tried to convince all my friends to make the switch then for the past 3 years have been in business with them. And they people that set us up (Arctic Cat people) were great to work with. Then Textron took over and in the beginning there was hope. Even talked to many of the higher ups that acted as they cared to hear our opinion on things. Gave us promises that they were going to correct many areas that needed fixing and they would take care of any dealer that was eager to grow. Then without warning we were cut with no answer to why. So yeah I’m gonna wine, ***** and moan because I don’t plan to just act like they care one bit about the customer.

  5. Kinda makes me wonder where Cats going to be in the coming years. With parts being back ordered or discontinued. I’m afraid with winters being short the loss of dealers and doo and poo running ahead textron may sell Cat off or just discontinue the snowmobile line. I’m driving 2 hours to local dealer now great dealer but the drive sucks. I have thought numerous times about switching to poo with 2 dealers less than 45 minutes away. I still think Cat builds a strong chassis and quality is starting to get better and the early programs have great prices. Let’s just hope Textron can turn this around and give the competition a run for the top spot.


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