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Improved & Upgraded: ’15 Arctic Cat ZR 4000RR

2015 Arctic Cat ZR 4000RR snowmobile. Photo by

2015 Arctic Cat ZR 4000RR snowmobile. Photo by

Over the summer, Arctic Cat engineers gave some additional race-focussed love to the 2015 ZR 4000 RR.

While bereft of some of the full-bore race treatments featured on the new 6000R XC model (namely the revised rear suspension, clear fuel tank, TOS sprocket and grippy seat cover), the 4000 RR does get some key upgrades:

ProCross chassis with added cross-country racing features for improved performance:

– Additional tunnel brace added around lower chaincase for increased strength

– New outer rear suspension brackets for increased strength

– Front bulkhead, front spars, and rear spars use 10mm hardware for increased strength


43.5-in. wide Arctic Race Front Suspension:

– This compares to the 42-in. ski stance on other ProCross models

– Race-style spindle/ski damper adds pressure to the rear of the ski for improved cornering and handling

– Larger diameter tie rods (the same as 2014 race sleds) for increased strength

– 5-in. Trail Skis (compared to a 6-in. wide skis on other models) enable the snowmobile to maintain the required 48-in overall vehicle width required in certain states and provinces


Offset Ski spacers for Adjustable Ski Stance:

– Additional ski spacing options for Ice racing applications


FOX FLOAT EVOL RC ski shocks with wide-range, hand-adjustable compression and rebound adjustments:

– Different length to accept the wider ski stance

– XC race calibration, which is a little stiffer than the current RR package


Stationary Clutch Guard with Spare Belt mounting:

– New clutch guard design with exhaust pipe mount and spare belt mount


Race Proven TEAM Secondary Clutch with Race Driven Shaft

– TSS-04 TEAM clutch, same model that has been used on the 2014 (and prior) XC race sleds

– Race driven shaft to mate with the TEAM Secondary clutch


Race Proven Brake Caliper and Pads for improved wear and increased stopping power:

-Same Brake Caliper as 2014 XC Race Sled

-Larger bridge bolts for increased stiffness

-Low-pressure seals for less resistance when the brake lever is pulled

-Offset friction material on brake pads for more even wear under high pressure

– New brake pad friction material has increased braking power at elevated brake temperatures


Unchanged from the specifications that Cat indicated this spring, but still noteworthy:

• 4 Position Rear Coupling for adjustable transfer control 

• Race SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension

• 2.86-in. Pitch 9-tooth Track Drive shaft 

• 2.86-in. Pitch 15 x 129 x 1.25-in. Cobra Track


I already had a lot of love for the pre-production ZR 4000 RR that I reviewed last spring. The recent improvements indicated here have undoubtedly made this a better race sled (and high-performance romper-stomper).

In other words, more love.

Thanks for reading.



  1. SnowFan: No, the 6000RR does not get these additional updates (like the TEAM secondary).

    Daron: You can put an accessory reverse kit on it.

  2. Looks like Cat is matching the newly released 6-R XC and the 4-RR chassis which makes sense as both will see a majority of action in the XC race circuits. I, for one, am glad to see this. Following the release of the new 6-R XC at HayDays, Cat is obviously moving towards using beefed up consumer chassis for cross country racing while retaining the “race” chassis for sno-x. I hope the extra bracing and supports do in fact add structural stiffness to these 2 sleds and that is the most noticeable item on the ProCross sleds that I can say I dislike. With these new improvements, it just adds more for the trail riders who like the race-style chassis on the trails.

  3. Why are all the RR’s not getting these updates???

    I’ve got a 6000RR on order and am not real happy that these updates are only happening to the 4000.

    At this point the 6000RR is starting to like like a really expensive Sno Pro with better shocks.

    What gives?

  4. CatHead12, I’m going to go out on a limb and say the reason only the 4-RR is getting these updates is because of the niche that it fills for racing; hence the reason the 500 SP was produced previously. For the 600 class “racing” use, the newly released ZR 6000 R-XC would fit those needs, and gets these upgrades plus the better skid.

    So, after all of this, has the RR indeed become a “really expensive Sno Pro with better shocks” ??? I say no … even between the SP and RR there are a bunch of upgrades on the RR beyond just the better shocks: beefier rails, heavier front and rear arms, different geometry in the skid, more bracing in the chassis, light weight brake disc, better brake pad materials, and a tether switch (I know, most don’t care about the tether) just to name the ones that come to mind right away.

  5. I’ve been out of the loop on this sled and now see some of the benefits over the LXR for rough trail riding. I actually just saw the Team clutch on the 4RR, today at dealer’s shop. I was surprised and the shop tech, thought I was a dummy…. A belated thanks John!

  6. Hi John,

    I see the changes they made to the 15 ZR 4000 RR over the 14 which is great. I just picked up a 16 ZR 4000 RR. Do you know if all of the 15 changes made it to the 16 and/if what else has been added to the 16? Thanks…


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