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In Case of Holy Crapeth! Speedwerx Handlebar Control Kit

Backcountry (and some trail) riders looking to swap the stock Arctic Cat hand controls with something that’s less bulky and less likely to shred in the event of a HOLY CRAPETH moment might appreciate the Handlebar Control Kit from Speedwerx.

Engineered for 8000/6000 Series machines, the kit replaces the stock controls with momentary buttons for the engine stop and electronic reverse switches on the handlebars, with rocker switches for the hand/thumb warmers and the high/low beam on the dash. A heavy-duty aluminum throttle block is also included.

The kit comes with an OEM-quality, pre-wired handlebar wire harness for a no-hassle plug and play installation. Plus it saves .45lbs over the stock set-up!

Interested? Speedwerx sold the first run of inventory, but you can pre-order for the next round and be ready to rip this winter.



  1. Great kit and a well put together video showing the features and install.

    However, Cats mountain lineup should have had this installed from the factory for a long time.
    The other guys have had simplified handlebar controls on mountain models for a number of years. Textron, here is an opportunity to update!


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