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The 2023 BLAST 4000 XR TOURING shares many of the same great attributes of the BLAST XR in the Crossover segment, but adds a few key standout features making this a leading mid-size adventure touring snowmobile for two.

Why To Buy

Because you choose to ride a mid-size snowmobile engineered to carry a passenger who equally enjoys the adventures of trail riding as much as you do. – Shared together, you’ll have a Blast on the XR TOURING.   

1. Made Right – The only mid-size touring snowmobile upholding the highest in Design, Quality, Comfort and Control.

2. Maintenance – The quick attach/detach side panels and top cowling make the BLAST one of the easiest models to gain access to the full engine compartment.

3. Engine – Arctic Cat’s C-TEC2 single-cylinder kicks out an impressive 65-class horsepower and combined with CVTech clutches, you can get to 50mph trail speed limits quicker than most.

4. Shared Experience  – Creating lifelong snowmobile memories starts by sharing them with a fellow rider, or in this case, passenger.

Tech Talk

The XR TOURING shares many commonalities with other BLAST models, chief amongst them is Arctic Cat’s C-TEC2 engine – a 397cc single-cylinder two-stroke with 65-class horsepower and Electronic Fuel Injection. Quick, responsive power is delivered via CVTech clutches for a smooth take off every time. 

To define the BLAST XR TOURING as a legit two-up snowmobile, Arctic Cat engineers added key touring elements starting at the rear with a longer 146-in. suspension with 12.5-in. of travel, adjustable torsion springs and fiberglass overload springs to handle the extra weight of a passenger. A 15-in. wide Ripsaw track with 1.25-in. lugs was the best choice for the utmost in trail traction.

Above is the 2-up seat on the 2022 Blast XR Touring. It remains the same on the 2023.

A dedicated two-up seat with hand and footholds provide the perfect placement for the passenger and a balanced center of gravity.

The XR Touring has a front swaybar which is pictured here on a 2022 model. The swaybar helps to keep the skis planted while cornering, especially when riding two-up.

Up front, the lightweight Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS) has a wider (than XR) 39.5-40.5-in. adjustable ski stance with a swaybar to work in harmony with the chassis offering 7.2-in. of suspension travel and paired with Trail-6 skis. 

Dash mounted rocker controls are conveniently placed, and the easy to use driver hand warmers have been updated for 2023 with a high/low setting, versus the previous on/off option. Thumb warmer, headlight, and engine reverse engagement are also operated from the dash. The digital instrument gauge transmits all running info brightly and a magnetic tether switch for the driver is standard.

The performance-inspired bodywork comes in black with Gun Metal Blue Metallic graphics and a tall 15.5-in. windshield protects the driver and passenger.

The BLAST 4000 XR TOURING at a Glance

  • 397cc, 2-stroke, C-TEC2 Single-Cylinder Engine with EFI
  • 65-Class Horsepower
  • Turn-Key Electric Start with Tether
  • Engine Reverse
  • 39.5-in. to 40.5-in. adjustable ski stance with Swaybar 
  • 146-in. rear suspension with Overload Springs
  • 15-in. x 146-in. Ripsaw track with 1.25-in. lugs
  • Trail-6 Skis with Single-Runner Carbide
  • 4.5-in. handlebar riser
  • 11.7 gallon fuel tank



  1. Why doesn’t AC make a full size touring snowmobile? If there isn’t a market for full size, I can’t see where there is for this little engine.

  2. Cat used to rule this category now this is all they have without putting options on bigger sleds to make it like the Panther, Pantera, even the BearCats for Two up’s .

  3. What group of riders are they marketing to for a 2-up with a 65 hp engine? Two kids or one adult and one kid?

    • The touring segment as most of us have come to know it has died off. And IMO, this XR shouldn’t be thought of as a true touring replacement like those snowmobiles were. The XR Touring is the perfect family snowmobile for those wanting to enjoy winter/snowmobiling and need the extra seat to haul a passenger.

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