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The 2023 BLAST 4000 ZR is Arctic Cat’s most affordable entrant into the mid-size category of snowmobiles, and quite frankly, it’s the most fun. This right-sized package is centered around Arctic Cat’s C-TEC2 397cc single-cylinder, two-stroke engine with 65-class horsepower and Electronic Fuel Injection. The simplicity of the BLAST ZR, combined with the responsiveness of the engine, gives everyone who rides it a reminder of why this sport is so much fun. 

Why To Buy

If your family is looking to buy one snowmobile to satisfy a variety of riders with varying skill levels and a scattering of ages, the BLAST ZR will invoke a smile inducing ride every time.

1. BLAST ZR Size – as an owner, you’ll truly appreciate this mid-size snowmobile. With a dry weight just north of 400lbs, moving the BLAST ZR around your garage, trailer or driveway is effortless.

2. Maintenance – The quick attach/detach side panels and top cowling make the BLAST one of the easiest models to gain access to the full engine compartment.

3. Engine – Arctic Cat’s C-TEC2 single-cylinder kicks out an impressive 65-class horsepower and combined with CVTech clutches, you can get to 50mph trail speed limits quicker than most.

4. Accessories – a wide range of accessories are available to customize your BLAST ZR including 15.5-in tall windshield, mid-size rear storage trail pack, front bumpers and more.

Tech Talk 

Arctic Cat perfected this right-sized ride by pairing the over-achieving C-TEC2 engine performance with a lightweight chassis and an optimal riding position. The narrow seat is the perfect height to shift riders forward towards the premium handlebars with hooked bar ends, so when the ride picks up pace, the BLAST ZR and its rider are ready to deliver a precise input at every corner.

Dash mounted rocker controls are conveniently placed, and the easy to use hand warmers have been updated for 2023 with a high/low setting, versus the previous on/off option. Thumb warmer, headlight, and engine reverse engagement are also operated from the dash. The digital instrument gauge transmits all running info brightly and a magnetic tether switch is standard.

Up front, the lightweight Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS) has 7.2-in. of suspension travel, a 37.5-38.5-in. adjustable ski stance and Trail-6 skis with single-runner carbides. 

In the rear, the BLAST ZR utilizes one of the most playful track lengths in the industry – a 121-in. skidframe boasts 10.7-in. of travel and is wrapped in a narrow 14-in. wide track with 1-in. lug. The performance-inspired bodywork comes in black/medium green

The BLAST 4000 ZR at a Glance

  • 397cc, 2-stroke, C-TEC2 Single-Cylinder Engine with EFI
  • 65-Class Horsepower
  • CVTech Drive and Driven Clutches
  • Turn-Key Electric Start
  • Engine Reverse
  • 11.7 gallon fuel tank
  • Heated Hand/Thumb warmers with High/Low setting
  • 37.5-in. to 38.5-in. adjustable ski stance
  • 14-in. x 121-in. track with 1-in. lugs
  • Tether Switch


  1. Nice job with the graphics on this one. I wish that they would move the high beam switch to the handle bars. Could go with the style they used on the Firecats back in the day. Would make it just a little safer for the new comers who most likely will be riding these.

  2. These are a lot of fun to ride. After riding full sized sleds, they’re surprisingly nimble and feel lighter than they actually are. I believe a mid-sized sled is the gateway to snowmobiling. Kids will fondly remember riding the 120’s and 200’s when they were younger without creating the desire to keep riding when they grow up. Blasts will create the passion for teens to stick with it.

    Even though there’s competition (and the Evo has been around for quite a while), it’s still early in this segment’s development. There are more differences than it first appears and I don’t think there’s a consensus on what the price, features, size and characteristics should be. The market will sort that out, and I think Cat did a good job with the Blast.

    As an adult, I can say that they’re quite a bit more fun and capable than most experienced snowmobilers would expect.

    • Oh, so it’s built just like an old Pro-Ride Polaris Indy? Bunke used to sell kits for those, same as gripnrip sells bracing kits for crumplable SkiDoo’s. Is that what you’re saying?

  3. There drawings on the internet flowing around, the original concept seem to be the pipe was going to come straight up and go under the seat and pipes come out under the tunnel… almost like cat was doing on there old race sleds but they backed out of the concept.

  4. It’s fun to ride. And an Adult can cruise all day with it. Sure, we tried one A ZR put the tunnel bag on, windshield works great, handlebar bag that’s in the way of gauges. Once your off its smooth and snappy. Takes forever to warm up, not surprised not a lot under the hood. On a trail with a seasoned rider that takes it for what it is, can be fun to throw around. That being said we tried it, she’s for sale 330 miles. The price of a new one this year no way is it worth it.


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