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I felt pretty fortunate to be able to represent ArcticInsider at the Arctic Cat Share the Ride event at ERX Motorpark in Elk River, Mn this weekend. As much as I love the thrill of riding snowmobiles, I equally enjoy meeting others emersed in the sport. I enjoy seeing/hearing about the snowmobiles you own, the rides and riding areas you’ve experienced, the photos and videos shared and just plain hangin out on a nice winter day with friends. These are all things Arctic Cat nailed with the Share The Ride event concept, and one I hope they continue throughout the season next year at varying popular snowmobile “hangouts”.

One of my favorite snowmobile hangouts is ERX Motorpark. If you’ve never been to ERX for a winter event, I urge you to put it on your list of must-attends next season. ERX packs the house with Thursday night grassroots snocross racing, hosts a National Snocross and even fills their 500 acre facility full of family snowmobile fun during the annual Midwest Ride-In.

Here’s a list of 2022 ERX Motorpark events…I highly recommend attending the Off-Road National in July.

When the snow melts though, you can check out a plethora of summer events too including one of my family’s favorites – The CHAMP Off-Road National truck and UTV races. As a motorsports enthusiast, Im really happy this location exists for all of us to enjoy and Im happy Arctic Cat chose this location for their Share the Ride event…here’s a look at my day.

It was great to have Willie Ewing’s “ThunderOne” on display under the ArcticInsider tent. Willie (green pit coat) talked to one of the first consumers on-site, Richard B (L of Willie). Richard has some pretty cool custom El Tigre’s which Ive featured on AI, and it was a pleasure to meet him in-person after exchanging many emails this year.
My intent is to share a follow-up story on Willie documenting his trials and tribulations on the road to breaking a World Record riding 2,125.04 miles in 24hrs. It’s a fantastic story and testament to how well his 2022 Thundercat withstood some serious abuse during his “day ride” and performed incredibly. CLICK on this photo. It’ll take you to Willie’s 1Day4Kids website. You can follow his journey there and even donate to his fundraiser which will help send kids to bible camp.
2,125.04 miles in 24hrs, AVG Speed 88.59mph, AVG Cruising Speed 100-105mph, Top Speed Used 116mph. Noice.
The ZR8000, Norseman X 8000, Thundercat, RIOT 8000, ZR6000R XC, Blast M LTD and M8000 Mountain Cat represented the 2023 snowmobiles on display. Ill continue sharing Inside Look stories on all these models so keep visiting the site. Ive kinda got my eye on that Norseman X as one to order for 2023. It just does so many things right…
2023 M8000 Mountain Cat in Medium Green/Spark Orange
2023 Blast M LTD in Phantom/Spark Orange is a new Blast model this year featuring the narrow front end from the M8000 Mountain Cat/Hardcore
Throughout the day Arctic Cat served food from local caterer, Serrano Brothers. Im pretty sure I ate my weight in their Italian pasta salad and 8 dozen chocolate chip cookies. I should be ashamed, but Im not. Have I ever shared the story of eating 9 cans of Ravioli? Nevermind…
I enjoyed watching the groups go out and experience running laps around the track at ERX. An opportunity most don’t get to have. The snow here was extensive as the motor park hosted the National Snocross race the week before.
A quick video of the above group taking a handful of laps. The sound of that Wildcat with twin Decker pipes brought me back to my youth. I remember our neighbor buying one when introduced, and I was in awe and jealousy every time he fired it up.
This is Troy Halvorson. He’s the Director of Product Strategy for Arctic Cat snowmobiles and has been featured many times on ArcticInsider in his varying roles throughout his career at Arctic Cat. Troy is a true rider and he literally jumped at the chance to ride Kirk Hibbert’s P.U.T.S (Pipes Under The Seat) ZR race sled owned by Tom Rowland at Thomas Sno Sports.
One thing I admire about the Arctic Cat snowmobiles in Tom Rowland’s collection is that he rides them, and allows others to ride them. Many times Tom has told me, “These were built to be ridden, and that’s what we should do when we own them.”
It was fun to watch Troy rip some laps and hear that Ol #41 howl through its twin tunnel dump exhaust.
This guy was ripping a different pipe…one with smells of cherry tobacco that took me back to my youth and remembrances of my dad and his pipe. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this great day. Thank you Arctic Cat. I hope you continue these events next season.



  1. It’s great that Cat does events like this, and has you to bring out to the ones like me who didn’t make it there. Thanks!

  2. In these pictures, the Norseman looks BLACK. Is it black or gray?

    Hey Jason, I found your missing T-cat! 9th picture!

    Hello Troy my old friend! Good to se ya! Watch out for those textron bastards!

  3. Kale, any chance you’ll be at the Tug Hill event next weekend? Would like to meet Arcticinsider and the world record T-Cat/Pilot. We won’t have any snow but I’ll be up there with my Wildcat sxs to run the seasonal roads.

  4. It looked like a small turnout for the event. Textron is doing a terrible job promoting Cat and they are turning the brand into more of an embarrassment every year. I don’t want to see Cat go away but Textron could hardly do a worse job running a power sports manufacturer.

  5. Textron’s Arctic Cat: Hey we’re doing 3 share the ride events, only one of which will likely happen due to it being spring and we mailed in all of our marketing efforts. Also, bring your own sled, we won’t have any.
    Classic Textron.

    I loved seeing Troy (Gunnar and Heidi could learn a thing or two) on the Sno Pro P.U.T.S.. And that Wildcat!…. I rode handlebar shotgun on my old man’s 650 when I was still a Kitty Cat pilot.

  6. Well got boned again ! Tug Hill got replaced by Jackson Hole. ( Not telling the girl, I’m still going up with the sxs for the weekend) Yo Arctic, when can I expect my swag bag in the mail, and save on postage by including my CP xl shirt I didn’t get with my spring order last year.

  7. My tcat is in, dealer called they want there money. Arctic cat is doing nothing for us, in terms of cash back or extended warranty or anything… When I spring ordered I traded in my sled and dealer sold it not expecting the delay on new machines. So i bought a used 2019 8000 cross country. The dealer doesn’t want a 2nd trade in so now i have the cross country which i payed a premium on because of scarcity of used sleds this year and now the 22 tcat. Arctic cat screwed me so bad this year.

    • You will do better selling the 19 on your own. Sleds are selling at the highest prices used probably ever. You also have 30 days to complete the transaction. Your dealer, if you are being honest is playing you. Personal opinion.

  8. I know it’s just that I have way more money tied up into these sleds than I planned on. And the 19 has been for sale for a month and haven’t even got a call. I really just figured with lack of dealer inventory they would take it on trade in a second.

    • Well most will. It is money in there pocket. You need to remind them this is not on you. It is to a certain point, on them. Life sucks right now. crn2crn is trying to figure how he is going to be able to keep AAA batteries in stock for his little hobby.

  9. textron is doing nothing for you? I expected as such. What’re you gonna do?

    How many miles on that XF8000CCL Jason? I MIGHT have someone interested…

    Wow John, you’re actually acting like a human being, ya know, showing empathy! Proud of you!


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