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Lindbeck (Almost) Undefeated at 2013 Watercross Opener

Team Arctic watercrosser Dale Lindbeck wins to start the '13 season.

“Lindbeck Racing Started out the 2013 IWA Watercross season strong at the first event in Moose Lake, Minn., winning every heat race and the final of the Pro Stock Class

“I nearly accomplished the same in the Pro Open class, but a few hic ups during Saturday’s heats saw this old driver going down a couple times in the 50 degree F (water AND air… just a wee-bit cold!). But I got myself and my sled working good on Sunday when it really counted to win the Pro Open final, making it a double-win weekend and a great start to the six-race season.


Team Arctic watercrosser Dale Lindbeck wins to start the '13 season.

“I have to explain this photo… it was my second attempt at a victory lap and I was sinking (thanks to an air box that was full of water after some nasty NASCAR-style rubbing with a fellow competitor). I nearly went down in front of the crowd, barely making it to shore before literally drive through the crowd in order to get back to the pits. I had a bunch of little kids chasing me the whole time… Next time I should bring some candy to throw out to them.


Team Arctic watercrosser Dale Lindbeck wins to start the '13 season.

“I’d like to thank all the sponsors who make our success possible: Arctic Cat, Speedwerx, Waconia Powersports, Century Power Sports, Lettertech graphics, Millenium Tech, Frog Z Skinz, OTR and the nerd at

“Our next Race is June 15-16 at BIR in Brainerd, Minn.”



  1. Great job Dale. Are you guys still doing NASCAR? I still have my site going with Two below doing all the imputs.


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