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The Original Boss Cat I was a… Ditch Banger?

Arctic Cat Boss Cat I in TRF

Special thanks to Arctic Cat collector Tom Ische for sending this new (to my eyes) photo.

The turbine-powered Arctic Cat Boss Cat I was reported to produce 1000 hp and ran 126 mph. Probably not 126 mph in the Hwy 32 ditch south of Thief River Falls, but one has to wonder just how fast the boys went when they lit the wick on this baby? Maybe even more interesting… what kind of holy-crapeth thoughts went through the heads of unsuspecting motorists?

This amazing snowmobile was one of three outstanding efforts by Arctic Cat to set World Speed Records in the early 1970s. It also infamously nearly killed Team Arctic racer Dale Cormican at Boonville, New York, in 1972.


Arctic Cat Boss Cat I in TRF

Photo of Cormican (left) and sled designer/builder Dennis Ray


Arctic Cat Boss Cat

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO on the Boss Cat I (it will take you to and it’s later brethren.



  1. Those Boss Cats are awesome…they could have been used in one of the Batman movies and fit the theme perfectly! I never get tired of seeing historical old images like this, thanks for sharing Tom. Is that image south on 32, or, headed south on 59 North near the old race shop (and present day Special Services)?

  2. Sweet old image! I believe that is headed north on 32 south of the factory, but don’t quote me as I was 5 at the time!

  3. The guy in the ’70 Chevelle is damned near ready to run into the ditch as he watches this thing go past!

  4. I believe the location is north of the current salvage building on 59 north.The boss cat building and field test/eng building would have been to the left ,out of the pic.

  5. My dad and I were at Boonville when it blew up and caught on fire ‘ since we were both firemen we rushed over and l pulled Dale out of the ****pit.l still have a piece of the fiberglass body somewhere what a explosion and conclusion it was pretty scattering

  6. Dennis “Denny” Ray is my great grandpa, we have original photos and an original model of his car, the red interior and black outing. My mother tells me stories and she got to drive in that exact car with my grandpa around the block, sadly he died before I was born, I wish I met my grandpa , but I have my grandma, his daughter, Debby Ray, to tell me all the interesting things about him. <3


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