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Listen (and Watch) Ken Kranz’s 1971 Arctic Cat King Kat 800

I’ve become a huge fan of the sound that an Arctic Cat King Kat 800 4-cylinder makes. In-person is the ideal experience, but with only 124 of these produced for 1971 (and the reluctance of many current owners), it’s a rare treat.

So enjoy the next best thing by listening (and watching) Ken Kranz fire up his for 34 glorious seconds.



  1. I love the sound also John ….But how about a clip of the all cat 800 comming soon to a dealer near you!! I dont think the sound alone would give any secrets away!!!! come on john ask them PLEASE!!!

  2. Sweet! Gotta love that sound, nothing else like it for sure! Thank you Ken for sharing this and thank you John for recording it ! John, us old guys who remember these wonderful machines, any way to get more pictures and maybe a story about this King Kat? I can remember a King Cat that was owned by the Arctic Cat dealer nearby, his son was racing it at the Paul Bunyan races in Bangor, lost control going into the corner, jumped the bank and landed on a roof of a car parked below the race track. No one hurt, King Cat survived to finish the day of racing, car, not so good, Ah, the great glory days of racing!

  3. Paul: that’s a great story, but would an all-time-great if pix accompanied it.

    Here’s the story on Kranz’s King, as written to me by Charles Plueddeman:

    “This King Cat was the original sled in the Andy Avelis collection. In an interview some years ago (for a story that appeared in Cat’s Pride) Andy told me he found it at a Michigan dealership, where it was reportedly on display over the door to the men’s room. Andy later traded it to a Maine lumber dealer as partial payment for the materials he used to build an Arctic Cat display area attached to a cabin he has in the state. When Andy decided to sell his collection a few years ago, Ken and Becky Kranz called him about acquiring a Kitty Cat. Becky asked, half in jest, if he still had any of his King Cats for sale. Andy replied that his King Cats were sold, but he knew that the lumber dealer was ready to part with this sled. A deal was struck and Ken and Becky drove to Maine to get the sled in 2010. It’s an original, unrestored example. Ken has had new seals installed and the carbs rebuilt.”


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