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LIVE: Watch ISOC National Snocross at the Duluth-Spirit National

2018-19 ISOC Snocross Livestream

The 2018-19 ISOC National Snocross season kicks off this weekend with the Duluth National at Spirit Mountain.

It’s going to be a season of change at the top end of snocross. Lots to see.

Click on the image above to launch the Livestream window and enjoy what I hope will be an awesome race opener for Team Arctic.



  1. Not too great..
    Doo top 4 sleds in the dominator

    pro open: doo 1,2,3
    pro light cat first doo 2,3,4,5

    pro open: doo 1,3, poo 2
    pro light: cat win, doo 2,3

  2. Yeah, the Cat’s are competitive in all the feeder classes….Quite a few wins in heats and finals. Pro Am 30+ is owned by the Cat guys… The Pro class, we need some riders that can compete with the likes of Kamm, Eishioal, Tremblay, Lemeiux, Renheim…. Doo has the depth of talent now, on a machine that equals things out…. Polaris, looks to be the machine that is lacking the “pull” and the riders seem to be really pushing it to keep pace. Kamm has the skills to do just that but, even he was riding on the edge…. Just my .02 observations…. Pick it up Cat Pro riders!

  3. I heard that Cat had fuel delivery issues and per new rules changes they can only be done by the factory. Jon will maybe shed some light on this.

  4. Geez this must have been bad. No report on the results from Duluth. Im guessing corporate Textron doesn’t want any of their riders to “propel the machine in a erratic operation” Due to liability issues.

  5. So last year Jon was posting results on here after every Snocross race because AC was doing well. This year Skidoo is kicking everyones butt and it’s like the Snocross races don’t even exist anymore? This site is supposed to be Arctic Insider… so why not at least come on here and fill us in as to why the sled’s not competitive this year and whats being done to correct the issue? From what I see the new Skidoo E-Tech 600 has way more power then the C-Tech 600 and the Polaris 600. That is evident from the Am Snow shootout.

  6. Bulldog, I beg to differ on your assessment of the performance of the 2019 Sno Pro SX… I’ll give you the fact, in the Pro class, AC pro racers, not necessarily the machine, need to pick up their game…. Ski-doo has a competitive machine and a stable of very capable riders. Now, if you look at the “feeder” classes, Cat is very competitive. Winning a lot of heats and finals. The machines are evened out this year with all mfg’s going to the longer tracks. The advantage Cat had last season is dissipated, somewhat. The rider is going to make the difference, now….

  7. Todd, I do believe the driver makes a big difference (see Tucker Hibbert) but I also believe the sled has something to do with it. AC has some talented racers and so does Polaris (Koty Kamm) but ski-doo is mopping up anyway. I think the revamped 600 is a big reason why. All I’m saying is it would be nice to get the “Insider” scoop from Sandberg but instead he’s ignoring the topic altogether. I’m a little disappointed in the lack of Snocross news just because AC’s not doing well so far… at least in the Pro Class.

  8. 133 hp on a stocker… Now imagine the hp’s of a factory tuned 600(i.e. race tuned ECU with fine tuned clutching)…. Doo came to play this year.
    AC’s talent in the Pro ranks is thin on talent. Daniel Benham, 1st year Pro, is the bright spot. The others haven’t shown much to date. No where near the talents of Tucker or the Doo camp. Kamm is riding very hard and now, looks to be injured? Did he even race on Saturday? I’ll say it again, the feeder levels are doing just fine on the Cats.

  9. I read in an aerospace industry rag that the Arctic Cat acquisition was poorly executed and Textron iced the manager responsible for the division. Wonder if some of the lack of bews is because of turmoil following the acquisition.


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