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More Speedwerx Upgrades for the Arctic Cat Wildcat & Wildcat X

Arctic Cat performance merchants Speedwerx have more new offerings for the Wildcat/Wildcat X side-by-sides, including an ECU remap that they claim offers increased power and improved acceleration and top speed, plus a new Clutch Housing Blower Kit to reduce drivetrain temps.   


Arctic Cat ECU for Wildcat

Their Stage I ECU Remap raises the Wildcats’ rev limit .

The Stage III programs feature the raised rev limit plus an upgraded fuel/ ignition curve to maximize the performance.

Speedwerx ECU remap results for Arctic Cat Wildcat

Speedwerx ECU remap results for Arctic Cat Wildcat X

Both Stages require premium pump fuel and void the factory warrant.

The re-programming can be done on an exchange (you send Speedwerx your box and they send you a re-programmed box) or you can purchase outright for an additional fee.


Speedwerx Clutch Housing Blower for Arctic Cat Wildcat

The Clutch Housing Blower Kit is claimed to reduce the temperature in the clutch housing by 50 degrees, which results in more consistent performance and longer belt life. The Kit utilizes a 12 volt DC inline blower installed with an inlet snorkel to keep fresh cool air coming into the clutch housing.

The system installs between the seats and mounts to the rear panel, with a toggle switch that mounts in the factory location next to the reverse override. It includes a full wiring harness that does not require any splicing or soldering.




  1. these products are AWESOME! took my x from a quick hitter to a long range hit , spread the power out so its even more usable!

  2. 2013 Wildcat X, the female connector is damaged that plugs into the ecu.
    Any ideas on where I can get a replacement. I get this fixed and I will upgrade to one of your units.
    Thx Terry

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