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P.J. Wanderscheid Wins Record 4th Eagle River WC

Wanderscheid wins a 4th World's Championship

P.J. Wanderscheid did it!

The oval racing powerhouse from Sauk Centre, Minn., won his fourth Eagle River World’s Championship title, the first person EVER to do so!

He battled with former Team Arctic World Champion Gary Moyle for 15 laps, with Wanderscheid running the low line to Moyle’s high line. A stronger drive coming out of turn four on the last lap gave P.J. the elusive fourth win that seemed destined to never happen.

Congratulations P.J. and the entire Wanderscheid/Country Cat crew!

Look for a more in-depth interview with P.J. here in the coming days.



  1. I too want to say Congratulations to the Wanderscheid Team! It sounds like the win was hard-fought and well deserved, I hope to see it on video as soon as possible.

  2. This should have been #5!
    I was at Eagle River a few years ago when P.J. coasted to the finish line with his fist clinched held high, and was passed just feet from the line. I have it on video somewhere from my beta camcorder.

    Very painful to watch!

    He won’t stop at 4…I bet he’s planning on next year right now, I bet. He looks so young…I wonder if he has a driver license yet! (LOL)…Congratulations on a great team effort for Cat and Drift. …John

  3. If you look at the ad on top of this page, it says “Country Cat…home of 3 time world champion” …That needs to be changed ASAP!!!!

  4. Congratulations to you and your team, it wont be your last w.c. win, You and your team work very hard, and it pays off !! Awesome Job, wish I was there.


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