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Product Spotlight: Arctic Cat Procross Grips

Arctic Cat Procross grips...your hands will love them.


Want a simple, inexpensive upgrade that (for most people) will make their sled feel better at the hands?

Easy: the new Procross Grips.

If ever there was an example of how one small ergonomic change can substantially alter (and improve) a snowmobile, these are it.

They debuted on last year’s race sleds and now they’re standard on pretty much all 2017 Cats. And they literally make a sled feel smaller and more nimble. Seems far-fetched, but it’s true.

Here’s the details:

-These 6.2-in. long grips are 3.7mm smaller diameter than previous Cat grips (might seem small, but it’s a huge difference to my hands)

-New rubber material construction provides more tactile feel, with reduced fatigue

-MUCH improved heat transfer from the hand warmers!

-The raised-bump pattern aids in comfort and ergo’s.

-They fit universally on Arctic Cat and most other brand snowmobiles.

-The MSRP is $12.95 U.S./$19.95 Canada. The part number is 7639-398.

-Available now at most Arctic Cat dealerships and HERE at the Arctic Cat online store.



  1. How easy do the old grips on my 2013 come off ?
    Will I destroy the hand warmer element getting the old ones off ?
    If I can get the old ones off easily, I would love to try a set of these new grips.

  2. I would like to know too. I had thought that the 17’s had smaller diameter bars too but I guess not. It’s all in the new grips.

  3. To get the old grips off I like to tape/block the hole on the end of the grip and put the air chuck over the hole on the other side. Give it a shot of compressed air and they come off pretty easy.

  4. This was my only real complaint on my 015 6000. My hands got tired hanging on to the over thick bars/ grips. What is the best way to remove the old without damaging the heating elements? Dealership?

  5. I use mostly the same method Kevin described (except instead of taping/blocking the hole, I just have someone else block it with their hand). I do this for both the removal of old grips and the installation of new ones. Works like a charm.

    I know some people who soak the new grips in hot water to help ease installation.

    I remember as a kid, changing grips on my BMX bike, using hairspray to install new grips (and to give my curls a little extra “hold”).

  6. So that will make them come off from the glue? Do you need to remove any of the glue residue before installing the new grips and glue? I guess I have some time to learn this process. Maybe start on my Firecat as one of the grips is not on all the way so maybe I can fix that with this process.

  7. Seems to be a lot of interest in the new grips (myself included!). The removal and installation of the new grips would be a good how to do it article!

  8. FYI Last years sled used a new glue that you will not be able to get your grip off without destroying the element and grip. This stuff is amazingly strong! You will end up just cutting off your grip with a razor knife and hoping you missed the element. Which probably won’t happen.
    Glad to see Cat noticed there grips are to big. biggest complaint I heard last season between other brands.

  9. I let the sled run with the warmers on for a few minutes to warm and loosen them up. I then used a utility knife with a hook/shingle blade to cut the grips without damaging the element. I cleaned the new grips with super clean and dried them with compressed air. Warmed them up with a heat gun and sprayed hairspray inside the grips. They are easy to get on about halfway and had to work harder to get the rest on, but they moved a few mm at a time and slipped on all the way. Haven’t tried them yet to feel the difference but I like the smaller feel.


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