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Product Spotlight: Shovel Pack

Arctic Cat Shovel Pack for M and XF snowmobiles.

There are dozens of different snowmobile tunnel packs to choose from. (You could even choose the one that launched off the back of my sled a couple years ago on the North Shore, but first you gotta find it.)

Arctic Cat brings a new option to the mix that eschews the untidy strap-it-down method in favor of a Cam-Lock design.

I like.

Here’s the skinny:

-This low-profile bag offers mid-capacity 13-Liter storage capacity while providing quick access to a shovel.

-It’s secured to the tunnel via the ultra-secure Cam-Lock system, which features quarter-turn fasteners that make installation and removal quick and easy while eliminating the need for straps and hooks.

-It’s compatible with all 2009 and newer M Series snowmobiles, as well as select XF models.

-The MSRP is $129.95 U.S./$199.95 Canada. The part number is 7639-434.

-Available now at most Arctic Cat dealerships and HERE at the Arctic Cat online store.

Arctic Cat Shovel Pack for M and XF snowmobiles.



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