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Product Spotlight Installing Windshield on 2020 Riot X

One thing our 2020 Riot X was lacking was a windshield. For good reason, this model was built to play in deep snow where windshields typically aren’t needed. When it comes to windshield choices, Arctic Cat has plenty of options for you to build your own look, feel and function. 

We ordered our windshield from

We ordered from and chose the Low All-Black Sno Pro windshield because of its good looks that will compliment accessories we add in the near future. 

Quick Delivery is a hallmark of ordering from

Our windshield from Country Cat arrived 2 days after ordering in a nicely packaged box.

Artie Cat checked the contents.

Artie Cat checked the order list and approved of the contents inside.

Warning! This item is wearing protection.

Nobody wants a scratched windshield. (Unless you buy used from Princeton Swap Meet) Ours came well protected.

How do I get this off?

The 2020 Riot X is pretty much sans windshield with the exception of this cowling. If you don’t know how to remove it (no visible screws) it actually pops off pretty easy.

This cowling snaps in place

If you work your fingers under the front of the cowling and lift up, it will pop off no problem. Work your way around the edges.

Cowling Removed

Once your cowling is removed, these square holes will be exposed. This is where you will add the inserts for the 6 windshield screws.

Mounting Hardware

It’s important to note that a Riot X, or Mountain Cat with same cowling windshield doesn’t come with mounting hardware. You’ll have to order six self-tapping screws (PART# 2623-146) and plastic inserts (PART# 1623-025).

Don't forget to order these plastic inserts.

Take your plastic inserts and push into the six holes.

Self Tapping Screws have a T30 Torx Head

You’re nearly complete…grab a T30 Torx head driver and secure the windshield to the plastic inserts via the six self-tapping screws.

Finished product! Hooray.

BOOM! Your windshield is installed. No matter what color, design or height you choose, the process for most new Arctic Cat models is the same and something you can do to change the look or function of your Arctic Cat in minutes.

To minimize scratches on your new windshield, try to use a clean soft terry cloth rag when polishing. Our go-to cleaner is Lemon Pledge. 



  1. I never understood why OEMs didn’t put a taller windshield on mountain sleds until I rode out West. After getting my sled stuck on various hills, I was taught the trick of rolling the sled over. Ahhhh Haaaa! That’s why mountain sleds don’t have windshields! You’d think the Riot X would of had a windshield though being in the crossover category. That’s a cold ride down the trail. Looks nice. Can’t wait to see what else you add.

  2. The Riot X def needs a windshield and looks good with low black. I want to know more about that mod Kitty Cat on the shelf!!! Project?

  3. For most of us, sleds (like cars) are so hard to work on that simple bolt-ons are fun to do. Will this get an ArcticInsider wrap?

  4. If there was ever a better time to do these types of snowmobile projects, its right now! Been holed up in my garage tinkering with toys. Sleds are polished and put away, been working on the motorcycle.


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