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Product Spotlight: Rox Flex-Tec Handguards

We added Rox Flex-Tec Handguards to our 2020 Riot X

I see the question pop up all the time, “What are the best handguards to buy?” It’s a good one since there are quite a few players in this arena. If handguards were basketball, there’s only one Michael Jordan, and that’s Rox Speed FX.

Quality, Fit, Finish, Long-Lasting Durability and attention to detail are all the top reasons you should buy a Rox Speed FX product. I’d also suggest checking out their line of billet handlebar risers and snowmobile seat covers. If that isn’t enough, Rox provides a Lifetime Warranty and is Made in the USA! (Spend your stimulus check here) 

The Rox Flex-Tec Handguard Kit shown with guards and mounts

After adding the Low Sno Pro windshield to our 2020 Riot X,  the Rox on-line store was our go-to source for purchasing their Flex-Tec Handguards.

The Flex-Tec handguard kit arrived quickly (2 days) and included the Flex Tec handguard as well as the Flex-Tec mounts, instructions, and an added bonus, a few Rox stickers.

The Rox Flex-Tec handguard creates a large pocket to keep your hands warm and protected from the elements. In my experience, you’ll find yourself turning down the handwarmers to a lower setting because the heat stays within that pocket. Something you’ll truly appreciate on those cold riding days.

Flex-Tec Handguards have an inner bone structure that look similar and made of same material as these Pro-Ten guards

There are two pieces to the Flex-Tec guards, the first being a flexible backbone structure providing rigidity for the Flex-Tec cover that slides over it.(Above) The benefit to this flexibility is a guard that won’t break if the snowmobile is rolled over (mountain riding) or when hard chunks of snow and ice, or even branches come in contact with the guard.

Flex-Tec handguards come in a choice of 14 colors or design your own color scheme with 2,100 different options

The Flex-Tec guards come in your choice of 14 different color options – If none of those tickle your pickle, Rox offers a Design Your Own Custom Color option with over 2,100 possible color combinations. Boom!

Rox Handguard mounts utilize a double bolt 360-degree clamping

I’ve found Rox mounts are the most secure of any on the market. They’re machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and utilize a double bolt 360 degree clamping, minimizing any loosening or position shifts.

Rox handguard mounts are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are the most durable on the market

It’s important to note when ordering, the mounts for our 2020 Riot X were designed specifically for Arctic Cat models (2012 and newer) utilizing a Hayes Brake Reservoir which go up and over it on the left hand side of the bar.

Fit, Finish and Styling are second to none when you choose Rox

Mounting the handguards was completely painless, and easy, occupying about 15-20 minutes and very basic tools. As I said, the look, fit and finish is second to none, so don’t think twice about another brand. Buy Rox. Be Happy.

Rox builds all the Arctic Cat branded Flex-Tec hand guards. Visit your local dealer.

Sidenote – Rox Speed FX supplies all the Flex-Tec handguards to Arctic Cat. If you prefer the Arctic Cat branded versions, expect the same quality and visit your local dealer to purchase.


It’s always amazed me when you watch Snocross, and the cameras pan the starting line. You’ll quickly notice nearly all competitors choose the Rox handguard for its superior durability and hand protection. That’s enough to sell me. Here’s a look at a few of those top teams:

Aaron Scheele adjusts #44 Anson Scheele's Rox Pro-Tec handguards from Christian Bros Racing

Aaron Scheele adjusts #44 Anson Scheele’s Rox Pro-Tec handguards in the Christian Brothers Racing trailer.

#44 Anson Scheele Christian Brothers Racing

#44 Anson Scheele. Semi-Pro for Christian Brothers Racing.

#43 Logan Christian, Pro for Christian Brothers Racing uses Rox Pro-Ten handguards.

Foreground, #43 Logan Christian, Pro for Christian Brothers Racing utilizes Rox handguards. Pictured in background, Kody Kamm also sporting some Rox Pro-Tec handguards.

Levi Lavallee has long been a user of Rox handguards and has even developed his own signature line.

Levi Lavallee has been a longtime supporter, and user, of Rox handguards.

Kyle Pallin, Pro for Lavallee Racing utilizes Rox Handguards

Kyle Pallin, Pro for Lavallee Racing uses Rox handguards.

Pro Elias Ishoel uses Rox handguards

Pro Elias Ishoel and Rox Pro-Tec handguard.

Scheuring Speedsports (L) and Warnert Racing (R) use Rox handguards

Scheuring Speedsports (L) and Warnert Racing (R) have been longtime users of Rox handguards.



  1. I’ve been running Rox handguards for at least 10 years. I agree fully here, when it comes to quality, nobody beats Rox or their customer service. Just picked up a new pair for my ’20 Thundercat.

  2. @dulpher riders on all 3 brands have that problem. We constantly battle brake fade…arctic cat and ski doo are by far the worst having it doesn’t on the driveshaft.

  3. I’ve been buying Rox products since their inception back when Rocky started. 99? The Cutsforth family is top notch, just like their products. Pretty cool to see all those teams use their stuff.

  4. This is not a negative post, But —- This site is call Arctic Insider. The last I herd, the factory was shut down due to inability to source parts for manufacturing. The country is in turmoil due to the coronavirus. Is there any inside information about how the brand we all love can survive? As much as I apricate info on hand guards, I would rather hear about more current events. Thanks catman since 72

  5. Catman- Thanks for feedback.Since AC has been shutdown due to this lovely Corona virus the past three weeks, workers are finely able to return to their jobs in varying capacities. (Hooray!) What specifically do you want to know about the brand surviving?

    I shared an interview recently involving the VP of Arctic Cat, who was quoted, “We have our eyes set on the future”, after explaining their sales strategy (Snowmageddon)and new product intro for 2021. I know the good people at AC have no intent of slowing down.

    I will share info of my time within the factory, but I will also share any and all info surrounding AC, the people, and it’s products including the great dealers and companies (like Rox) who support this site making it possible to read about a brand we all love.

  6. Hey are u guys going to do something on sled covers? Like the Bodycover by Scheer Madness? Not all of us can afford a semi. LOL

  7. Seeing as we’re on the topic of aftermarket, does anyone know what happened to the Drift clothing line? AC was promoting this a couple years back now it’s seems to have faded out.

  8. Drift was phased out when Metz took over. I believe remaining inventory was bought by country cat. You can find some great prices there.

  9. Hello. Is there a 2020 Cats Pride Club ? I have been a member since 1995. This year I have seen or heard nothing on line. I asked a dealer and they didn`t know. Seems strange I can`t find anything out ? TKS

  10. That’s all fine and dandy Kale, but I think the question that’s on everybody’s mind is…(now picture a live infomercial audience say in unison) “How-much-do-they-cost?”

  11. Jamie – Maybe that’s the hook that gets you to check out the Rox page to find out more info? Prices vary depending on guards/mounts that you buy. Check out their page.


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