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(Slightly Late) Team Arctic Report for the First Week of March 2014

Team Arctic Cat/Christian Bros. Racing Zach Herfindahl. Photo by


11 Class Wins in USXC Cross-Country in Warroad, Minn., Plus Nine Victories at RMSHA Hillclimb in Afton, Wyo.

The 2014 snowmobile race season might be winding down, but Team Arctic racers stayed wound-up to score 20 combined wins in cross-country and Hillclimb competition during the first weekend in March.

The team continued its season-long stranglehold of cross-country dominance with another crushing performance at the USXC cross-country event in Warroad, Minn., where riders battled through record snow cover, deep holes and bitter cold to notch 11 wins and a podium sweep of six classes. 

Christian Bros. Racing pro Zach Herfindahl delivered a powerful performance in the Pro 600 stock class, racing with a broken left thumb and a casted hand. It didn’t slow the 18-year-old down, as he captured his third win of the season and put a near-lock on the championship. Wes Selby put himself back onto the Pro podium with a strong third place finish.

“We continue to be impressed and proud of all our cross-country racers and crew,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “Warroad was a tough weekend, with a rugged race course that claimed a lot of riders and sleds. To have 11 different winners on Arctic Cat snowmobiles proves the depth of our team and the strength of our ZR ProCross and Sno Pro 500 machines.”

An equally dedicated crew of hillclimb competitors topped the RMSHA Hillclimb in Afton, Wyo., scoring wins in eight classes and taking one King title. The wins came in Stock, Improved Stock and Mod classes aboard M Series Arctic Cat snowmobiles with the ProClimb chassis. Kyle Tapio proved on top of his game, winning 800 Improved and the Improved King title as well as taking second in 800 Stock. And David McClure piloted a M6000 to third in Stock and second in Improved Stock. 

“Seven different Arctic Cat racers won classes at Afton,” said Al Shimpa, Team Arctic Hillclimb Coordinator. “We saw victory in the Men’s and Women’s categories, plus the New Members and Semi-Pro classes. That highlights the team’s depth as well as the adaptability of our ProClimb chassis for all kinds of riders.”

Team Arctic Results from USXC Cross-Country in Warroad, Minn. 

Pro Stock

1. Zach Herfindahl

3. Wes Selby


Pro Open

2. Zach Herfindahl


Semi Pro Improved

3. Lance Efteland


Super Stock

1. Joe Wood

2. Jon Arneson

3. Jon Koch


Expert 85

1. Austin Lunde

2. Ryan Trout

3. John Langaas


Expert 85 Improved

1. John Langaas

2. Matt Feil


Masters 40 Plus

1. Jon Arneson


Masters 50 Plus

2. Brian Perreault

3. Kevin Langaas


Sport 85

1. Hunter Houle

2. Cody Chubaty

3. Ross Ilstrup



1. Matt Feil

2. Ross Ilstrup

3. Garret Grzadzielewski



3. Peter Behm


Classic IFS

2. Steve Martinson



1. Jolene Bute


Junior 10-13

1. David Brown

2. Tyler Brown

3. Calvin Sandberg


Junior 14-17

1. Cody Chubaty

2. Hunter Houle

3. Matt Feil


Jr. Girls 14-17

1. Savannah Landrus

2. Kelsey Pladson


Team Arctic Race Results from RMSHA Hillclimb in Afton, Wyo.

1000 Improved

2. Kyle Tapio


Pro Masters Stock

1. Ben Adams


600 Stock

3. David McClure


600 Improved

2. David McClure


600 Mod

2. Tony Zollinger


700 Improved

1. Jeremy Archibald

3. Rob Kincaid


700 Mod

2. Russ Tapio


800 Stock

2. Kyle Tapio


Pro Masters Improved

3. Ben Adams


800 Improved

1. Kyle Tapio


Pro Masters Mod

1. Todd Tupper


Open Mod

3. Kyle Tapio


Women Stock

3. Whitney Archibald


Women Improved

2. Amy Zollinger


Women Mod

1. Kaycee Balls

2. Jan Ottobre


Semi Pro Stock

1. Trace Tupper


Semi Pro Improved

2. Trace Tupper

3. Rob Steinmann


Semi Pro Mod

1. Trace Tupper

3. Rob Steinmann


Amateur Improved

3. Grant Meyer


New Members Mod

1. Logan Halford

3. Brent Pukas


Improved King: Kyle Tapio



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