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Tucker Hibbert’s 2014 Fargo Snocross Recap


Monster Energy/Arctic Cat racer Tucker Hibbert was almost perfect again this past weekend at the ISOC National in Fargo.

Here’s a video recap of his weekend.



  1. Tucker got hit by out of control Kamm again. Kamm took out his own teammate the night before on the first corner. He is really gunning for #68 this season and I look for a good race for the final stop in the ISOC circuit next weekend in Wisconson.
    It was awesome to be able to see the races in person again and I even got a fist bump from T-Train after his victory Friday night! Also Kirk and the crew looked pretty cool sporting the mullets!

  2. Tucker is definitely head shoulders above everyone this year been great to watch!! Was good to see Ross Back out and racing clean! Is it ok to continue to knock people off their sleds? Like Kamm does never seen it like this ever! and I think he’s only been black flagged once.

  3. It was a great weekend of racing by all, except for the Kamm hit on Hibbert. I guess the only way the Poo boyz will win is when they take out Hibbert. It was nice to Ross back and racing strong. Overall it was an excellent weekend of racing especially for Team Arctic. I knew in my head that if Tucker lined up in the middle, something would happen since Kamm was lined up close to him. But he came back strong to finish 5th and he should wrap the points chase Friday night. Go Cody Thomsen, you’re a few points back of 3rd.

  4. If someone should be sponsored by RAM, it should be Kamm. Sum ***** Rams everyone on the track! This weekend should be fun to watch! Was great to see Logan and Cody up on the box! Pulling for Thomsen to take the third slot!

  5. Seems to me this Kamm punk has acquired a nasty habit and should be getting the black flag more often before he seriously hurts someone !!
    Any thoughts John ???

  6. I think that Kody doesn’t think.

    I think that without Kody’s first turn antics this season, Tucker would be undefeated.

    I think that Kody has great talent for racing, but unless he figures out how to ride in control, he’s going to hurt himself and/or someone else.

    I think Tucker has shown AMAZING self control by not punting Kamm into orbit for all the dumb maneuvers he’s pulled this season.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with you John! I think it might have actually gotten close at Deadwood. All the years I have watched Tucker race and have never seen him as Mad as he was out there. I just hope someone has sat down with young Kody this week and given him some common sense pointers!

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