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Sno Pro 600s Available at (some) Dealerships

2010 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600

A 130-hp (stock) Sno Pro might be available right now at your local dealership, tempting you to buy it and rule the trails this winter. There’s just one catch: it needs to be converted for trail use.

The news here is that Arctic Cat released a limited number of production Sno Pro 600s to select dealers. But they’re the snocross version, which means they’re VERY unfriendly for the trail without a few key modifications.

Interested in the specifications of this beast? Click HERE for a specifications pdf.

Interested in converting one for trail use? Click HERE to see a pdf that details the three different stages of trail-friendly modifications.

While dealers are free to price these limited machines at their own discretion, I’ve heard some are selling for between $9,800 – 10,200 without the trail mods.




  1. Tuck: I’m pretty sure the difference is that the snocross calibration is more advanced timing…….Ryan: go to the homepage of this site, scroll down the features and look for the release on the 2010 race sleds. The info is there.


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