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Team Arctic Test Trip… in Tucker’s Words

Team Arctic Racers testing in Colorado

At this very moment, a handful of Team Arctic racers are out west, pounding their bodies into shape for the soon-to-start race season.

Monster Energy racer and McDonalds Happy Meal consumer, Tucker Hibbert, took some pix and sent us some notes from the trip so far.

In Tucker’s words-


John Denver songs playing in the background

Here are some pics from our test/practice session. Sorry I can’t provide more detail, but I am standing by a window holding my computer up to get internet and typing one-handed. Skills!

The riders that are here getting ready for this season’s battles are:


Paul Bauerly

Garth kauffman

Zach pattyn

Logan Christian

Andrew Carlson

Wes Selby

Taylor Meuwissen

Kirk Hibbert


"Tucker, quit taking pictures and hand me another chain!"

We had to chain-up the truck to make it up to our parking spot.


Kirk Hibbert working the chains

Kirk is an experienced truck chain installer…


Kirk Hibbert working the driven clutch

… snocross tuner…


Survivor Men: A Monster EZ-up and fire is all they need

… and fire-builder.


I wonder if Kirk likes being a mechanic for eight racers?

Kirk wants to know why John Sandberg isn’t taking these pics.


Paul Bauerly, professional snocross racer and sandwich maker

Paul Bauerly is an awesome sandwich maker and Sportech’s/Arctic Cat’s promising new pro racer.


Kirk Hibbert (left) and Wes Selby

Wes Selby is trying to convince Kirk to switch gloves so they would match his helmet. Even though Kirk is colorblind, he declined.


The man with mad skillz

I am pumped about my dad’s boy scout fire skills…and to be back on the snow pounding laps. We are getting some great riding and the sleds are working awesome. I will get some riding shots tomorrow.



  1. The life of a Team Arctic racer looks brutal. If you ever need someone to keep the Monster Energy drinks stocked in your trailer or something, I would sure free up my schedule to accompany you guys on a trip like this.

  2. I hear that Paul Bauerly is great new addition to the Arctic ranks, with previous experience on other sleds. More info or pictures would be great on your new racer.


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