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Team Arctic Test Trip (Part II)… in Tucker’s Words

Tucker practices under watchful eyes

Here’s a second update on the Team Arctic Test Trip, as captured by full-time journalist (and part-time snocrosser) Tucker Hibbert.

In Tucker’s own words:


The Hibbert's traveling race trailer

Camp looks nice with a fresh layer of powder. Winter has arrived.


Kirk Hibbert revises the clutch calibration on Tucker's sled

Kirk isn’t sure if Steve Houle from Speedwerx would approve, but he thinks he has the clutching on my Mod sled dialed in.


Inside Kirk's trailer

Zach Pattyn, Logan Christian, and Andrew Carlson cant get their gear on fast enough.


Pattyn and Christian

Zach Pattyn chasing Logan Christian


Team Arctic/Sportech's Andrew Carlson

Andrew working the rough stuff.


Tucker Hibbert pounds the bumps

This is me putting in some laps. It’s amazing how I can ride and shoot a photo, huh?


Kirk Hibbert dons his race gear and prepares to...

Kirk prepares to show all us kids how it’s done.

Usually Kirk rode back and forth from the trailer to where we would make our tracks. Two miles or so each way. He would prep my sleds in the morning, we would ride up the mtn.  Then he would build a fire, heat up a Monster coffee in the fire, lay backwards on my other sled, eat a snickers bar and tell us riders to ride more and go faster.


Team Arctic racers take a break

It’s break time.


Kirk Hibbert never rests

Kirk’s work is done for the day, time for a nap.




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