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Team Arctic Does Some Winning With ProCross Chassis in Wake of 2022 Model Launch

9 Class Wins, 23 Podiums and 1 top Five Pro Class Sweep in Cross Country – Yurk Headlines Pro Snocross

Team Arctic Cross Country racers put an exclamation point on their winning this past weekend as they made their way to Naytahwaush, MN for round four of COR Powersports Racing.

Chad Lian

As if the technical sections and long straightaways weren’t enough test for racer and ZR, Mother Nature threw in warm temps, slush and standing water to navigate. When the last sock was wrung out, Team Arctic tallied 9 class wins, 23 podiums and swept the top five Pro Factory 600 spots led by Chad Lian, his first win of the season in that class.

Gunnar Arlaud

Ross Erdman

A day earlier in the Pro Open final, Team Arctic nearly swept the top six positions led by Zach Herfindahl and Matt Feil in first and second respectively. Re Wadena, Gunnar Arlaud and David Brown rounded out fourth through sixth.

Herfindahl said, “The Pro Open race was a great start to the weekend. My ZR ran really strong. Going into Sunday’s stock final we knew it was going to get wet and we had to start in the front row. I was really happy being 3rd qualifier and the only 2-stroke in the front row. Our snowmobile worked as well as it possibly could for 9 of the 10 laps when I had a mechanical with less than a mile to go running a solid 3rd. I thought we got rid of the Naytahwaush Jinx with Saturday’s Open win, but that same last mile has got me three times now in different races.”

Paul Brown

Dylan Stevens

Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety said, “Team Arctic had a very strong showing in Pro Open at Park Rapids and followed it up here as well with a great 10-lap race. This week the Pro stock class also went really well taking the top five spots. Abe Olson and Paul Brown had a great weekend in both Semi-Pro classes, and we showed strength in Sport and all Junior classes. It was a great weekend for Team Arctic Cross-Country racers.”

Jacob Yurk

And speaking of having a great weekend, Team Arctic snocross racer, Jacob Yurk headlined Friday’s Pro Final aboard his Zandstra Motorsports ZR in Elk River, MN. Qualifying in the top five, Yurk took the holeshot and held the position until five minutes remaining. Just like his podium visit in Elk River during the first round, Yurk finished strongly in second place, moving him up the national points standing just outside the top five.


Kloety said, “Jacob (Yurk) ran an incredible Pro final on Friday and it was great to see him up on the podium. He has had a great comeback story. His hard work and consistency is paying off as he approaches the top five with four rounds to go.” 

Next up, Team Arctic Snocross Racers compete in Eagle River, WI, March 19-20.



  1. I see what you did there. Wake. Water. LOL. Just busting your balls. Nice to see Team Arctic doing well this year. They may wanna start racing Tigersharks again by the looks of all the water. Nice job Jacob. You had a great race on Friday.

  2. Anyone see the video of Selby dumping water out of his rubber boots after the race? Was awesome. He shoulda raced in neoprene waders. Hahahaha

  3. COR Powersports could have cross-country, hillcross and watercross! Feel bad for them. They’ve been dealt a sh!t hand this winter between COVID and weather. They’ve done well though to navigate around it all. I applaud them.

  4. All you b!tching out there, and weekend after weekend the “Old @ss” Procross chassis keeps winning! Hahahaha!!!!

  5. Nice job everyone. I just want to say that after reading all the negative stuff that has been written and having been a longtime Cat rider, I am thankful that the company was purchased by someone or we might not even have a new Cat to purchase. Our family currently has 4 late models. 2021 ZR 6000, 2019 ZR 6000, 2018 El Tigre 6000, 2021 Riot X 800. We ride as much as anyone in the area. All have been excellent to ride, problem free except for 1 small issue which is being repaired under warranty as we speak. They look great and we always get compliments on them. They have excellent speed, easy on oil, and ride great. I am sure they will introduce new products as time goes on. The only issue I have with them is when they got rid of some very good small dealers who took great care of us for 40 plus years. While they may not have been big, they certainly sold a lot of accessories, gave excellent service, and sold sleds. I miss them greatly. We love to watch Team Arctic at all the races and keep up the good work!!

  6. Very well said wildcat.I just love how peaple say CAT needs this and that and are obsolete, But still kick but in racing!!!!
    Great job TEAM ARCTIC

  7. Hopefully Arctic Snowmobiles social media group will start utilizing the positive results of the Team Arctic Race team sometime soon. With positive race results and dominating performances it may help curtail all of the negative keyboard jockeys. Thankful for Arctic Insider, but the rest of arctic cat marketing needs to get on board.

  8. The arctic Cat racers are the true warriors! Yes Textron has tested the patience of all Cat people past and present. The ones that have been effected the most are the racers by far. Each one of these people have had to make some very challenging decisions about their own race program. The smart ones that know and understand what the product can do, are the ones still on the program and doing very well as results prove. If you are a true Arctic Cat fan, then thank each one of them if you have the opportunity. you have no idea how much pain, emotionally and financially they put at risk to stay with the brand. I think each one would do it again, and a few that have left have returned and also had really good results. Some that have left, and did very well on Cat, have struggled on their new choice. The chassis is awesome, strong, easy to work on, and even though some say it hasn’t changed in years, you are not in tune with all the changes that happen. This product is extremely dialed in, which is why they have unbelievable results in cross country on STOCK machines.


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