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Team Arctic Drag Racers Motor to 18 Wins at 2013 Hay Days

Team Arctic’s grass drag team delivered and awesome performance at the Sno Baron’s Hay Days event, winning 18 finals (including a sweep of the Stock 800 and Stock 1000 finals).

Below is the Press Release:

D&D's Dylan Roes led a Team Arctic sweep of the Stock 800 class at Hay Days.

D&D’s Dylan Roes (#26) led a Team Arctic sweep of the Stock 800 final at Hay Days. Photo by D&D.



Straightline Supremacy Across All Classes, Including Stock 800 and Stock 1000

At the Sno Baron’s Hay Days grass drags in North Branch, Minn., Team Arctic drag racers put on a veritable clinic of straightline supremacy, with 12 different racers combining to score 18 class wins. The victories came in everything from the Stock to Mod classes, and were highlighted by podium sweeps in the Stock 800 and Stock 1000 classes with Arctic Cat XF800 snowmobiles.

Dylan Roes, Eric Gagne and Craig Wyent dominated the two premier Stock classes, with Roes and Wyent each scoring a victory while Gagne stayed consistent with a pair of second place finishes.

“We proved which brand has the fastest 800,” said Team Arctic Manager, Mike Kloety. “It was an all Arctic Cat final in both Stock 800 and Stock 1000.”

In the AM Stock classes, Brynn Writt proved all but unbeatable en route to three class victories. Not to be outdone, Jade Gillund matched that performance with three class wins in the Mod classes. Other multiple class Team Arctic winners included Trista May and Patrik Lofdahl.

Lofdahl and fellow countryman Mats Lager represented both Team Arctic and Sweden with stunning success, combining for a combine three victories and five podium finishes in the SP Stock classes. For his outstanding performance, Lofdahl earned the overall high-point title in the Semi Pro Stock classes.

“Everyone at Arctic Cat is proud of the team’s dominance at Hay Days,” said Al Shimpa, Team Arctic Drag Racing Coordinator. “All of our racers and teams work especially hard to put on a great show at Hay Days. To win 18 classes and score 50 podium finishes is a testament to their effort and the performance of Arctic Cat snowmobiles.”

Team Arctic Results from NSRA Grass Drags at Sno Baron’s Hay Days

Stock 700

1. Eric Gagne

2. Scott Kostman

3. Jade Gilland


Stock 800

1. Dylan Roes

2. Eric Gagne

3. Craig Wyent


Stock 1000

1. Craig Wyent

2. Eric Gagne

3. Dylan Roes


AM Stock 800

1. Brynn Writt

2. Elisha Edquist


AM Stock 900

1. Brynn Writt

2. Richard Soukup Jr.


AM Stock 1000

1. Brynn Writt

2. Elisha Edquist


SP Stock 600

2. Mats Lager


SP Stock 700

1. Mats Lager

2. Patricia Harer

3. Richard Soukup Jr.

SP Stock 800

1. Trista May

2. Patrik Lofdahl

3. Ty Heaver


SP Stock 900

1. Patrik Lofdahl

2. Trista May


SP Stock 1000

1. Patrik Lofdahl

2. Trista May

3. Ty Heaver


DSP Imp. Stock 700

2. Logan Henrickson


DSP Imp. Stock 800

1. Trista May


DSP Imp. Stock 900

2. Trista May


Improved Stock 800

2. Dylan Roes

3. Eric Gagne


Improved Stock 1000

2. Jeff Neuman


Imp. Stock 1200 4-Stroke

1. Kyle Shilts

2. Dylan Roes

3. Jason Price


Pro Stock 600

1. Jade Gilland


Pro Stock 700

3. Jamie Edwards


Pro Stock 800

1. Jeff Marks

2. Aaron Casler


Heavy Mod 600

1. Jade Gilland


Heavy Mod 700

3. Jamie Edwards


Heavy Mod 800

3. Aaron Casler


Open Mod 600

1. Jade Gilland


Open Mod 700

3. Mike Neuman


B Pro Mod 800

1. Aaron Casler


B Pro Mod 1000

3. Jeff Marks


Outlaw Power

3. Trey Weymouth


Lake Racer

1. Doug Myers

2. Aaron Casler



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