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Team Arctic Hillclimb, XC and SX Win a Pile-O-Races

Team Arctic Hillclimber David McClure.

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17 Wins and 47 Podiums at USXC Park Rapids Cross-Country; Gold and Bronze at ESPN X Games; Seven Wins and 22 Podiums in RMSHA Hillclimb

Team Arctic racers sent a powerful and familiar message to their competitors in premier snocross, hillclimb and cross-country competition over the weekend: To win more, you must ride green. The proof came in the form of 17 wins out of 21 classes at the USXC cross-country in Park Rapids, Minn.; gold and bronze medals at the ESPN Winter X Games; and seven wins plus 22 podiums in RMSHA hillclimb competition.

Team Arctic/Monster Energy’s Tucker Hibbert led the hit parade with his ninth consecutive X Games gold medal in snocross to further add to his legendary career. Team Green teammate Logan Christian scored his best X Games result with a fourth place finish. In freestyle competition, Brett Turcotte and Cory Davis flipped their way to bronze and fourth place finishes.

Team Arctic's Wes Selby. Photo by Kate Holmstrom.

National cross-country competition continues to be Team Arctic’s stomping ground, this time at the Park Rapids 106 lake race where Wes Selby captured wins in Pro 600 and Pro Open, with teammates Ross Erdman and Zach Herfindahl taking second in the respective finals. Team Arctic racers won an astounding 17 of 21 classes while notching 47 out of 66 podium positions. Class winners included Ryan Trout, Erik Nymann, Hunter Houle, Ean Voight, Matt Feil, Ryan Weidemann, Jordan Bute, Garet Grzadzielewski, Lydia Sobek, Paul Brown, Steve Martinson, Brian Brown and Gary Tintes.

Team Arctic hillclimb racers climbed to the top of the first RMSHA race of the season, proving the power, handling and performance of the M Series snowmobiles in the ProClimb chassis. Held in Bellevue, Idaho, Team Green captured seven wins and 22 podium positions, including one King of the Hill title. Todd Tupper served notice that he’s a man on a mission this season, winning all three Masters category classes. Other Team Arctic winners included David McClure (who also won Improved King), Gavin Balls and Ian St. John.

“Winning 25 classes and claiming more podiums in snowmobile racing’s toughest proving grounds – hillclimb, cross-country, and snocross – proves the performance of our snowmobiles and the strength of our riders,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “To win in so many classes is a testament to our racers, teams and snowmobiles. And hats-off to Tucker Hibbert for winning his ninth consecutive Gold Medal in X Games snocross. He’s a special talent whose career is unmatched.”

The next USXC cross-country race is the I-500 beginning Feb. 27-28 in Warroad, Minn. ISOC National snocross resumes Feb. 5-6 in Salamanca, NY. And the next RMSHA hillclimb is Feb. 12-13 in Bear Lake, Idaho

Team Arctic Results from 2016 USXC Cross-Country in Park Rapids, MN.

Pro 600

1. Wes Selby

2. Ross Erdman


Pro Open

1. Wes Selby

2. Zach Herfindahl


Semi Pro 600

2. Lance Efteland

3. Cole Nymann


Semi Pro Improved

1. Ryan Trout

2. Tyler Oettinger

3. Brian Brodehl


Pro Women

2. Savannah Landrus


I-500 Class

3. Austin Lunde


Masters 40 Plus

2. Chad Lian

3. Brian Brodehl


Masters 50 Plus

1. Erik Nymann


Expert 85

1. Hunter Houle

2. Ean Voight

3. Dalton Fredrickson


Expert 85 Improved

1. Ean Voight

2. Hunter Houle

3. Brandon Wolter


Sport 600 Stock

1. Erik Nymann

2. Matt Feil


Sport 600 Open

1. Matt Feil

3. Andy Junglen



1. Ryan Weidemann

2. Thomas Junglen

3. Daron Pringle


Sport 85

1. Jordan Bute

2. Thomas Junglen

3. Blair Herfindahl

Jr. 14-17 Boys

1. Garet Grzadzielewski

2. Thomas Junglen

3. Blair Herfindahl


Jr. 14-17 Girls

1. Lydia Sobek

2. Sara Larson

3. Hanna Black


Jr. 10-13 Boys

1. Paul Brown

2. Dawson Diesen

3. Nicholas Nyquist


Classic IFS

1. Steve Martinson

2. Dylan Herman

3. Eli Nelson


Classic IFS Legends

1. Brian Brown

2. Karl Valtinson



1. Gary Tintes

2. Jesse Watland


Vintage 50 Plus

1. Gary Tintes


Team Arctic Race Results from the RMSHA Hillclimb in Bellevue, Idaho.

Improved 600

1. David McClure

2. Jeremy Archibald


600 Mod

2. Russ Tapio

3. Garth Kaufman


700 Stock

2. Jeremy Archibald


700 Improved

2. Rob Kincaid


700 Mod

2. Russ Tapio

3. Tony Zollinger


800 Improved

1. Gavin Balls

3. Trace Tupper


800 Mod

3. Tony Zollinger


1000 Improved

2. Trace Tupper


Master Stock

1. Todd Tupper


Master Improved

1. Todd Tupper


Master Mod

1. Todd Tupper


Semi Pro Stock

1. Ian St. John

3. John Lee


Semi Pro Mod

2. Clint Covert


Women Stock

2. Jessie Ottobre

3. Whitney Archibald


Women Mod

3. Jessie Ottobre


Women 600 Stock

3. Jessie Ottobre


Improved King: David McClure




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