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Team Arctic is the Stock Answer at 2018 Hay Days Grass Drags

Team Arctic drag racers conquered 2018 Hay Days grassfest.

Team Arctic’s Craig Wyent and Jennifer O’Connor.




Team Green Captures 10 Wins and 33 Podium Positions, Including Stock Class Domination

 Team Arctic drag racers brought the victory heat to the 2018 Sno Baron’s NDRS Hay Days Grass Drags in North Branch, Minn., scorching the competition at the sport’s biggest stage with 10 class wins and 33 podium finishes. Team Green’s dominating performance included winning three of four Stock classes (two of which were podium sweeps) as well as the massively modified Outlaw and Lakeracer classes.

Eight different Team Arctic racers stood atop the podium at Hay Days, with Randy Bernstein and Will Ohara each taking two wins. The other Team Green class winners included Dylan Roes, Craig Wyent, Kyle Shilts, Steve Brown, Jeff Labelle and Joe Schneider.

Arctic Cat snowmobiles once again proved to be the quickest in the Stock categories, with Bernstein leading a top-3 Team Green sweep of Stock 900 and Stock 800 finals.

“Our history of being the fastest and winning the most prestigious drag racing events continued at Hay Days this year,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “We have a lot of teams who work really hard to be their best at the premier events, which we truly appreciate. Plus we have some the fastest, most potent snowmobiles and engines for everything from the Stock classes up to the Lakeracer and Outlaw categories. Put it all together and we came out on top at the biggest event in the sport.”

Team Arctic's Dylan Roes

Team Arctic’s Dylan Roes.

Team Arctic Race Results from the 2018 Hay Days Grass Drags


Stock 900

1. Randy Bernstein

2. Ron Gilland

3. Kerry Drul


Stock 800

1. Randy Bernstein

2. Ron Gilland

3. Craig Wyent


Stock 700

1. Craig Wyent

2. Jade Gilland



1. Steve Brown

2. Kelly Shilts



1. Kyle Shilts

2. Steve Brown

3. Anthony Tondryk


Pro Mod 1000

2. Nate Reynolds


Pro Mod 800

2. Jeff Labelle


Pro Mod 700

2. Mike Neuman


Pro Mod 600

3. Jade Gillund


Super Mod

1. Will Ohara


Pro Stock 1000

1. Will Ohara


Pro Stock 800

1. Jeff Labelle


Pro Stock 700

2. Mike Neuman

3. Joseph Strong


Pro Stock 600

2. Jade Gillund


Pro Stock 500

2. Ryan Neuman


Heavy Mod 1000

3. Will Ohara


Heavy Mod 700

2. Mike Neuman


Heavy Mod 600

3. Jade Gilland


Factory Mod 1

2. Jeff Newman


Improved Stock 1000

1. Joe Schneider

3. Jeff Newman


Improved Stock 800

1. Dylan Roes


Improved Stock 600

3. Jennifer Oconner


Classic Pro Stock 700

2. Chad Zinke





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