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Team Arctic Proves the Real Meaning of “Terrain Domination”

Team Arctic Cat's Zach Herfindahl wins Warroad. Photo by

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Cross-Country Team Wins 14 of 19 Classes and Captures Championship Titles in 15 of 20 Classes; Team Arctic Hillclimb Racers Score Five Wins in RMSHA White Pine Event

Team Arctic cross-country proved what terrain domination really means during their 14-victory performance at the USXC Warroad 100. Competing in deep snow conditions ranging from ditch, lakes and river aboard ZR 6000R XC and ZR 4000RR snowmobiles in the ProCross chassis, Team Green claimed 14 wins out of 19 classes, 39 out of 57 podium positions and ended the season with 15 of 20 class high point championship titles.

The competition-crushing performance was led by Zach Herfindahl (above), who claimed two emphatic wins en rout to championship titles in Pro Stock and Pro Open, edging out teammate Wes Selby for high point honors.

Team Arctic Cat's Ryan Trout wins Semi Pro in Warroad. Photo by

Class-rookie Ryan Trout (above) notched his first victory of the season in Semi Pro Stock, while Timmy Kallock took the Semi Pro Improved win and championship title. Additional class winners in Warroad include Brandon Wolter, Nathan Sillerud, Mike Lenarz, Mike Dirkman, Jolene Bute, Ross Ilstrup, Hunter Houle, Blair Herfindahl and Savannah Landrus.

Team Arctic’s 2015 USXC high point champions include Zach Herfindahl (Pro Stock, Pro Open); Lance Efteland (Semi Pro Stock); Timmy Kallock (Semi Pro Improved); Jeremy Grove (Expert 85, Expert 85 Improved); Mike Dirkman (Masters 40 Plus); Brandon Wolter (Sport 85); Ean Voigt (Trail); Savannah Landrus (Junior Girls); Hunter Houle (Junior 14-17); Keaton Black (Junior 10-13); Steve Martinson (Classic IFS); Jesse Watland (Vintage) and Gerry Mattison (Vintage 50 Plus).

“We couldn’t be happier and more proud of our racers and crews who dominated Warroad as well as the entire USXC cross-country season,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “Their talent and hard work combined with our ProCross ZR snowmobiles delivered twice as many wins and championship titles as all other brands combined.”

Team Arctic hillclimb racers conquered the RMSHA White Pine event in Pinedale, Wyo., with five class wins and 14 podium finishes aboard Arctic Cat M Series snowmobiles with the ProClimb chassis. The top finishes occurred in a range of categories and engine classes, proving the versatility and range of the machines along with the expertise and preparation of the racers and crews.


Team Arctic Results from the 2015 USXC Warroad 100 XC in Warroad, MN.

Pro Stock

1. Zach Herfindahl

3. Wes Selby


Pro Open

1. Zach Herfindahl

3. Wes Selby


Semi Pro Stock

1. Ryan Trout

2. Lance Efteland


Semi Pro Improved

1. Timmy Kallock

2. Ryan Trout

3. Adam Mach


Expert 85

1. Brandon Wolter

2. Nathan Sillerud

3. Jeremy Grove


Expert 85 Improved

1. Nathan Sillerud

2. Jeremy Grove

3. Ean Voigt


1. Mike Lenarz

3. Christopher Hoff


Masters 40 Plus

1. Mike Dirkman

2. Paul Grzadzielewski

3. Todd Frischmon


Masters 50 Plus

3. Brian Brown


Sport 600

3. Matt Feil


Sport 600 Open

3. Andy Junglen



1. Jolene Bute


Sport 85

1. Brandon Wolter

2. Jordan Bute

3. Tyler Brown


1. Ross Ilstrup

2. Logan Kilichowski


Junior 14-17

1. Hunter Houle

2. Ean Voigt

3. Tyler Brown


Junior 10-13

1. Blair Herfindahl

2. Blaise Potucek

3. Andy Pake


Junior Girls 14-17

1. Savannah Landrus

2. Lydia Sobeck


Classic IFS

2. Will Young



3. Mark Young


Team Arctic 2015 USXC High Point Champions

Pro Stock: Zach Herfindahl

Pro Open: Zach Herfindahl

Semi Pro: Lance Efteland

Semi Pro Improved: Timmy Kallock

Expert 85: Jeremy Grove

Expert 85 Improved: Jeremy Grove

Masters 40: Mike Dirkman

Sport 85: Brandon Wolter

Trail: Ean Voigt

Vintage: Jesse Watland

Vintage 50 Plus: Gerry Mattison

Classic IFS: Steve Martinson

Jr. Girls 14-17: Savannah Landrus

Jr. 14-17: Hunter Houle

Jr. 10-13: Keaton Black



Team Arctic Results from White Pine RMSHA Hillclimb in Pinedale, Wyo.


600 Stock

3. David McClure


600 Improved

1. David McClure


700 Improved

2. David McClure

3. Jeremy Archibald


800 Improved

2. Trace Tupper

Open Mod

2. Todd Tupper


Master Stock

2. Todd Tupper


Master Improved

2. Todd Tupper


Master Mod

1. Todd Tupper


Semi Pro Stock

1. Eben Abshire



  1. I always thought I was a pretty great rider until watching multiple videos of Herfindahl run at 80 mph through stuff that I slam on my brakes and take it easy through.

  2. WAY TO GO TEAM ARCTIC. Now send Zach and Wes up to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut Canada when we have our cross country races.

    Very proud of all AC drivers and crews. Now TH should be able to wrap up the ISOC sno cross title this weekend.


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