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Team Arctic Rips It at 2015 Hay Days Grass Drags

Dylan Roes of D&D Racing & Arctic Cat wins again, at Hay Days 2015. Photo by

First of all, a caveat: It’s been five days since the races concluded and there STILL aren’t official results anywhere to be seen. That’s pretty disappointing to the racers and fans, and (IMO) not acceptable in this chip-timed, digital age that we live in.

So what you see here are the results conveyed to me some of the Arctic Cat teams (D&D Racing and Speedwerx) who noted the results as they were shown at the track.

Based on this, however, Team Arctic drag racers definitely delivered a crushing blow to the competition at the recent 2015 Hay Days grass drags:


Arctic Cat sweeps Stock 800 drag final at Hay Days 2015.

800 Stock

1st Place Dylan Roes (D&D Racing), Arctic Cat M8000

2nd Place Cory Carter (D&D Racing), Arctic Cat XF8000

4th Place Scott Kostman (D&D Racing) Arctic Cat XF8000


Jade Gilland wins Pro Stock 600 on Arctic Cat/Speedwerx sled. Photo by

Pro Stock 600

1st Place Jade Gilland (Speedwerx), Arctic Cat XF 6000


Walter Joy of Stanley Racing wins 2015 Hay Days Outlaw on Arctic Cat XF1100 Turbo. Photo by Pat Bourgeois


1st Place Walter Joy (Stanley Racing/D&D), Arctic Cat XF 1100 Turbo

2nd-Kelly Shilts (Red Cup Racing/D&D) XF 1100 Turbo


Top Speed Award:

141 mph, Walter Joy (Stanley Racing/D&D), Arctic Cat XF 1100 Turbo


Quickest E.T.

3.86 seconds, Walter Joy (Stanley Racing/D&D) Arctic Cat XF 1100 Turbo


Lake Racer

1st Place Dave Gallano (Red Cup racing/D&D) Arctic Cat XF 1100 Turbo


Plus D&D’s Dylan Roes (driving Clark Racing Imp. Stock Turbo) was the top 4-Stroke qualifier in the ProMod Shootout class #3 with a 4.45-second E.T./116-mph pass with his XF9000 Turbo!  

Aaron Casler was the #1 qualifier in the Lake Racer Class with a 4.01-second E.T @ 134mph!


Team Arctic's Kelly Shilts took 2nd in Outlaw. Photo by

The Neuman family racing for Arctic Cat.

Thanks to all the Team Arctic racers and teams who came to Hay Days. And thanks for reading!



  1. The results come in like this every year. It seems it’s more about the revenue than the grass roots racing that made it famous. Not only that when they do post the results if you do not know what the driver rides.

  2. Really embarrassing that they can’t get their results out. That drives me crazy in this day and age. Take a picture of the printout and post it as unofficial…should take about 2 minutes, tops. On a brighter note, great job by all the AC racers from teams big and small!!

  3. Yes, it is really sad when they can post results in a timely manner even worse when they do post them most of the time they are inaccurate or incomplete. Like the ones posted on the Snobarons page under “Race” many are inaccurate and there are many races missing stock 600, stock 800 etc………

  4. You are 100% correct Todd I was looking at last years and a lot if incorrect data when did Jade Gilland start running a Ski-Doo? According to the Snowbarons she does LOL

  5. I should have been more clear in the opening paragraph of this story: Yes, there are “results” posted on the Sno-Baron’s website. But those chicken scratchings are undecipherable to me, and incomplete. They also don’t show brand.

    Again, in this day and age, at what should be one of the most important drag races of the season, that’s not cool. For the racers, fans and sponsors.

  6. In the OLD DAYS everyone would eagerly await the Snowweek mag. to get some real race reporting and race results. I really don’t think the race is the primary reason of the Haydays event anymore. Not to mention why they couldn’t invest in PA system that you actually hear what’s going on at the race. That system they have sounds like the teacher on the Charlie Brown cartoons…..

  7. why is D&D taking credit for sleds they haven’t built???
    and there is not even a mention of Hypersports the true builder of these amazing high H.P turbo cat sleds! these sleds are built at the hypersports facility right here in Arlington wi not in Lowville new York! can the author of this article please fix this it doesn’t look good to people who follow the race world and know which sleds are build by which company!!!!!!


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