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Team Arctic Wins 11 at Pebble Creek

 Team Arctic Hillclimb image by Stephen Clark

Press Release –


Complete Class Domination in RMSHA Hillclimb Competition

Fresh off winning 9 World Championship titles at Jackson Hole, Team Arctic hillclimbers delivered an encore performance at the RMSHA Pebble Creek race in Pocatello, Idaho, winning 11 of 22 class finals and taking the Improved King title.

Once again, the potency of the M Series line of snowmobiles proved decisive in the battle for the high country, accounting for wins in the 600, 800 and Open categories, including the all-important 800 stock class. Coupled with wins in the Junior, Semi Pro, Women’s and Pro men’s classes, it was comprehensive crushing of the competition by Team Green.

Ten different Team Arctic Racers scored wins, with Sid Archibald taking two class wins and Scott Cheeney winning both a class and the Improved King title. The Zollinger family continued their winning ways at Pebble Creek, with Nate, Tony and Amy scoring one win each.

“Our racers have worked hard all season, and it’s paid off with two dominant performances in the past two weeks,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “When we win half of the class finals and put 15 different racers on the podium, you know our racers and M Series sleds are the best in the world.”

Team Arctic Race Results from the Pebble Creek Hillclimb in Pocatello, Idaho


600 Stock

2. Rob Kincaid

600 Improved

1. Sid Archibald

3. Mike Zollinger

600 Mod

1. Nate Zollinger

700 Improved

3. Chance Buckallew

700 Mod

3. Chance Buckallew

800 Stock

1. Sid Archibald

3. Chance Buckallew

800 Improved

2. Scott Cheeney

800 Mod

1. Tony Zollinger

1000 Stock

1. Chance Buckallew

2. Sid Archibald

1000 Improved

1. Scott Cheeney

Open Mod

2. Nate Zollinger

Women’s Stock

1. Whitney Udy

2. Amy Zollinger

3. Jan Ottobre

Women’s Improved

1. Jan Ottobre

2. Whitney Udy

3. Amy Zollinger

Women’s Mod

1. Amy Zollinger

2. Jan Ottobre

3. Whitney Udy

Semi Pro Stock

1. Bryant Ropelato

2. Ben Maughan

3. Kyle Heap

Semi Pro Improved

3. Kyle Heap

Semi Pro Mod

3. Bryant Ropelato


1. Trace Tupper

2. Greg Lindbloom

Improved King – Scott Cheeney



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