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TODAY! Today is Last Day to Order 2022 Snowmobiles!

Today is your last day to order 2022 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles! Just a reminder – ordering through Snowmageddon gets you your best deal of the season.

2022 Blast XR

I ordered a Blast XR. Can’t wait to build this one up!! CLICK HERE for another look at the 2022 models. Let me know what you ordered. 



  1. I ordered mine a couple weeks ago…zr6000 greyeen! anyone have any good suggestions for a first time sledder on what I should get for it? I need gear as well…

  2. I ordered a Blast XR as well. Looking forward to updating the shock package and any mods that seem to pop up along the way.

  3. Chris – Congratulations! You picked a fantastic snowmobile. The 600 CTEC2 engine is one of my faves. Ride it first before buying “performance mods”. Id consider comfort options first…taller windshield or handguards. (Maybe you purchased the Trailblazer Kit with some of those items and storage bags already?) Just FYI – with the market the way it is (High demand/Low Volume), Id order a taller windshield now versus waiting until Fall. Im a big fan of Rox Speed FX hand guards. Check those out if they interest you.

    Zach – Also congrats to you on 8000RR…another fantastic snowmobile!

    BTP – After purchasing a 2021 Blast ZR, Im looking forward to adding the XR as well. Should be a fun build-up…Ill share here and hope to have on display at Haydays.

  4. Ordered My T-cat, and wife’s blast ZR, weeeeeks ago.
    Good call with the 600 Chris, you’ll love it. A had 1 for years, great sled. Then I sold it to a Nephew, he dropped it threw the ice and let it soak over night. That was years ago it’s still running strong. And he only dried it out, CAT motors run. The funny thing is the shop has a assortment of CAT’S, they seam to multiply. All stock, and they all run spot on.

  5. Very excited for next season, pre ordered a Thundercat QS3 non PS and a ZR8RR as a his and hers treat!

    Thank you Arctic Cat and Arctic Insider for all the amazing products and content that always keeps me on the edge of my seat.


  6. Ordered a 6000 RR in early March. Wanted a limited 6 with atac but since it was not offered, went better shocks. Trail Blazer kit. Will be adding goggle bag, mirrors and the tunnel flares along with a cover and spare belt and going in on the base GPS.

  7. I ordered nothing because i didn’t feel like there was anything worth upgrading my 19 sno pro 6000 to.Hopefully there will be something new next year !!!!


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