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Tucker Hibbert Aiming for 10th Championship and 200th Start

Tucker Hibbert's first Pro National Final. Photo by

Tucker (right) made his first Pro final in the Open class at the Duluth national in November of 2000. He finished second to Blair Morgan (on his right in this pic). Tucker won the Stock class the next day.


Press Release-

Tucker Hibbert on track for 200th career start and 10th Snocross Championship

Monster Energy / Arctic Cat / Ram Truck’s Tucker Hibbert will take his 200th Pro National Snocross career start and race for his 10th National Championship title this weekend at the final stop of the 2015/2016 ISOC National Snocross tour. With a 97-point lead and 147 points on the line at Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisc., Hibbert has the opportunity to clinch the title Friday night.

Tucker Hibbert. Photo by John Hanson.

So far this season, the defending Pro Open Champion has won 11 of the 14 final events and hasn’t placed outside the top-five. The past two years at the Grand Finale, Hibbert has had enough points to secure the title on the first of three days of racing.

If all goes well Friday, Hibbert will line-up for his 200th pro national final event career start Saturday night. He took his first pro national start November 2000 in Duluth, Minn. and placed second. His 100th career start coincided with his 50th career win in Milwaukee, Wisc. December 2009. Now, in his 16th professional season, he holds 119 wins, 153 top-three and 182 top-10 finishes.

Tucker Hibbert's first Pro National. Photo by

Tucker Hibbert – #68 Monster Energy / Arctic Cat / Ram Truck

On racing for his 10th championship: “The number one goal is to win the championship. However that happens, I’ll be excited. If we (the team) can win it Friday night, it’ll be a lot less pressure the rest of the weekend. We pulled that off the past two years and is what we’ll be shooting for again this year.”

On taking his 200th career start: “That’s crazy to think about. I haven’t been paying attention to how many starts I have or where I’m at. It makes me a feel a little old but it’s really cool. It makes me realize what an awesome career I’ve had. Hopefully it’ll all go well and be something we can celebrate Saturday night.”

On racing at Lake Geneva: “Lake Geneva is one of my favorite events. It’s one of the staple tracks of the series and a race I think everyone looks forward to. I like that it typically develops into a really good track for racing – big, wide and technical.”



  1. Tucker has massed an impressive race career. I don’t know of any other pro sports athlete that has these credentials in motorsports. He has simply crushed the competition over the years. The team he has is the best of the best. I’d like to see him race cross country like his father did. Good luck Tucker n clinch ur 10th title Friday night.

  2. We’ll be in the stands at Geneva this weekend cheering on Team 68, and everyone else on that track that is wearing Arctic Green. Good luck to all!

  3. Only Ric Flair has more Championships. 16 times he walked that ailsle with gold around his waist. LoL No really what Tucker has done is IMPRESSIVE. Most races he gets out in front the rest might as well head to the pits.

  4. I am been watching snowmobile racing for a very long time, and I have never seen a driver like Tucker in any discipline. He is the Air Jordan of sno cross.

    Once he retires, he will be an excellent teacher and team owner. He and Superman made sno cross what it is today.

  5. awesome career for sure.

    Give me one race: superman vs tucker, I still say superman anyday. not to take anything away from him, but I felt good ‘ol blair was the best.

    best motorsports driver is going to McGrath, or RC. Just way more people in dirt bikes than sleds. I still believe the best sled rider is out there, but is never gonna ride a sled due to logistics of the sport, well and money.

  6. With due respect to Mike. Tucker all day long vs Superman in his day.
    Best motorsports driver has to be the doctor Valentino Rossi, not even close.
    Go Tucker!!!

  7. valentine is great, however, unknown to a lot of people due to the of races in the united states. awesome racer for sure, but doesn’t take the abuse on the body as much dirt/snow. but a skid on asphalt don’t feel very good either.

    Don’t expect many on here to pick the superman. toni h, and blair changed it forever. blair was the just something to watch. seems like the tracks now aren’t as big jump as before. tucker left to chase a dream, sadly we lost a lot of what would of been the biggest rival sled racing ever. For that alone, Blair. just my opinion, and love to hear others.

  8. Congratulations to Team 68 for their 10th championship!! I just wonder how many championships and wins they would have had if Tucker did not leave the snocross series halfway through the season to race bikes in the earlier years.

    I will not take anything away from Blair. He for sure is one of the greatest there is. He did however leave Arctic Cat for Ski-Doo:(.

    Tucker, in my book, is the greatest of all time. I can not get enough watching him. He is peer magic. Besides his impressive wins and records what I like best about Tucker is that he spends a lot of time with his fans. He is meeting with them signing autographs and talking with them before, during and after the races. He even does this outside of the venue. I don’t believe Blair did that as much as Tucker does.

    As far as who would win today between Tucker and Blair. I do not care. It would just be exciting to watch them both either way. If you would make me pick a winner out of the two, I would however pick Tucker.

  9. I was fortunate enough to see Tucker race on Sunday with my 10 year old daughter Rebecca,she so wanted to meet Tucker.We arrived at 730 and bought our pit passes,we waited outside the race trailer,Blair Morgan was on the outside of the trailer barracades,my daughter recognized #144 Scheele racing and asked me if that was the Scheele that used to race,i said it is his son.I saw Steve Houle come out of the trailer and we talked a bit,i asked him if it would be possible to get Kirk’s and Tucker’s autograph on Rebecca’s jacket,he said i will ask them.Kirk comes out shakes my hand and signs her jacket,Tucker comes out,shakes her hand and signs hers jacket as well,then the both signed mine,i cannot thank you enough,the look on her face meeting two professionals in every sense of the word was everything,then to top it off Tucker goes out and dominates he even let the second place racer catch up to him at the finish line,you and your team is the best hand’s down,thank you for you time when you do not have much we both appreciate and for the record my 10 year old has a ZR 440 Sno pro liquid.


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