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USXC/Briggs and Stratton Triple Crown of Youth Cross-Country

Briggs and Stratton is proud to announce the debut of the inaugural USXC Briggs and Stratton Triple Crown, a three-race series of cross-country events for youth who compete with 120-class snowmobiles equipped with the Briggs 206 engine.

In addition to the excitement and prestige associated with these true cross-country events for youth, Briggs and Stratton is offering $3,000 in prizes that will be randomly given away to registered 206-class racers.

The three USXC Briggs and Stratton Triple Crown events include:

Dec. 2 Dec. 20 – Pine Lake, Minnesota

Jan. 31 – Park Rapids, Minnesota

Feb. 28 – Thief River Falls, Minnesota

There will be three overall champions crowned, including the Pro 206 for 6-8 year olds, Pro 206 for 9-12 year olds, and Champ 206 for 6-12 year olds. Racer will compete for individual event honors while accumulating points for the season Triple Crown champions.

The birth of the USXC Briggs and Stratton Triple Crown Series comes after the successful launch of true 120/206-class cross-country competition at USXC events last season, in which young racers negotiated a 2.5-mile circuit built exclusively them.

“The Mini-5 ran in conjunction with of the energy of surrounding the legendary I-500 was just a blast for all the families and racers who competed,” said David Klaus, Director – Briggs and Stratton Racing.

“We walked away wanting to do more. This debut event was truly special and something that every family with children and a 120 sled can get into. That is what brought us to work together to build from.”

CLICK HERE to go to the USXC site for rules and additional info.



  1. I believe Pine Lake is Dec 20th, not the 2nd.

    This is a great opportunity for the kids, I hope this keeps going in the future.

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