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Why Dude Won’t Join a Snowmobile Club

Dude has some strong reasons why he won’t join a snowmobile club.



  1. So true except for the last bit. =)

    A fun thing to do on that movie website is type the words out phonetically to get the MN accent going like “up der inda nort wouds’

  2. I love your photos, causal approach and documentation of discovery. I’ve been a commercial shooter for 42 years and now teach college courses. I’m anxious to cast off the traditional shackles and get back to the reason I was seduced by photography in the first place. You are inspiring me to do that. Keep up the good and weird work!

  3. Ha. Snoring will cause others to turn thgnis up louder. I know. I turn up my music louder when my husband starts snoring. The Anne braids are so adorable. Can’t imagine living around that much snow. Wow. Congrats on finishing up jobs. I have one that I am trying to get finished and hopefully I will this weekend (a scrapbook for my daughter). Your wall looks gorgeous! [url=]yhjpjfzxq[/url] [link=]njdwncdsr[/link]


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