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Arctic Cat Firecat Commercial from 2006 Featuring Two Moose

Two Firecats, a pitstop and a couple moose. What’s not to love about this Arctic Cat commercial for the 2006 season!?

Trivia Question: Name the famous Team Arctic racer that rode inside the moose to create the jump shot?



  1. Racerdawn, Nick and Zanon are correct: The guy jammed inside of the moose and launching at the end of the clip is Aaron Scheele.

    And since Rowland is coyly busting my chops, I’ll admit my knowledge of how cramped it was inside of those moose: I was inside the other one during the filming of the two moose riding sleds down the trail.

    I barely fit inside that damn thing. And Aaron is a good two feet taller than I am, so I have no idea how he did it!

  2. Nobody has pointed it out yet, and I don’t mean to be a smart ass, (that’s not how I roll), but I have to make a correction here: It’s not 2 Firecats, It’s 1 Crossfire, 1 Firecat. I used to have an orange one just like it I bought from Tom.

  3. John,

    You really have to go into more detail. How is it that you and Aaron ended up in moose suits in a tv ad. I’m sure its a pretty good story! Enjoy your stuff as always. Thanks!

  4. John,
    I love this commercial… and judging by the disclaimer at the end, you and Aaron can both add “Professional Moose” to your resumes. I never noticed it until just now, but it does indeed say “Professional moose on closed course,” at the bottom of the screen during the jump scene at the end. Very nice!

  5. Mike: That’s the kind of glamorous stuff professionals get to do. Which of course explains why Aaron was involved, but it leaves a lot more questions about why I was there.

    What I mainly remember about the day was that the production crew didn’t want to have to do a bunch of post-production work to mask out any parts of Aaron and I that would have been visible. So we only had a tiny hole to look out of, essentially in the neck area of the moose. And that my arms were all contorted in order to fit through a small hole to hold onto and steer the handlebars.

    And the “trail” we rode down wasn’t really a trail, rather it was a narrow path between rows of pine trees.

    The director wanted us to go fast, which of course was no big deal for Aaron. I wasn’t super interested in piling into a tree, so I wasn’t exactly comfortable with the situation.

    It all worked fine though.

    It was Aaron’s idea to build a jump and do a jump shot. It was the last film work of the day, in part because nobody was sure if the moose would carnage upon landing. Aaron nailed the jump (of course), the moose didn’t destruct and we called it a wrap.


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