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Team Arctic Rewrites Race History in Snocross & Cross-Country

Team Arctic racers rewrote the history books for 2018.


Team Green Captures More than 60 Percent of all Class wins, 50 Percent of all Podiums and 75 percent of all Championship Titles in ISOC Snocross and USXC Cross-Country

2018 will go down in history as one of the all-time greatest seasons for a single brand. Fortunately for us, the brand is Team Arctic.

Riding on a wave of tremendous talent, great teams/support and a pair of snowmobiles that are at the top of the game, Team Arctic put its stamp on ISOC snocross and USXC cross-country with wins, podiums and championship titles with utter domination.

Here’s the perspective of Team Arctic:



The season is over, the numbers are in and the record books are written in Green! In national snocross and cross-country competition, Team Arctic racers and teams delivered a historic performance, capturing more than 60 percent of all class wins, more than 50 percent of all the podium positions and more than 75 percent of the high point championship titles.

“Our racers and the ZR 6000R race sleds completely dominated from the top on down, and across all classes,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “I’ve wittnessed many great race seasons over the past couple decades, but nothing that compares to 2018.”

How well did Team Green crush everyone in the yellow, red and blue camps?

In ISOC National Snocross, Team Arctic won 95 out of 161 class finals throughout the 16-race season. That’s 59 percent of the total wins! Equally impressive, Team Green captured 264 out of 483 podium positions (54 percent) and 12 of the 14 class high point championship titles. From the season opener in Duluth, Minn., to the final in Lake Geneva, Wis., it was an all-out blitz aboard the indomitable Arctic Cat ZR 6000R SX snowmobile featuring the ProCross chassis and C-TEC2 6000 EFI engine.

The results were equally dominant in USXC cross-country, where Team Arctic captured 88 out of 140 possible class wins (62 percent), 213 out of 414 podium positions (51 percent) and 16 of 21 class high point titles (76 percent). Team Arctic racers crushed the competition aboard the same snowmobile and technology available to all Arctic Cat enthusiasts: the ZR 6000R XC in the ProCross chassis that features the C-TEC2 DSI engine plus the ARS front and SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension combo.

“For one brand to win 60 percent of all the terrain races is a testament to Arctic Cat engineers, and even more, our outstanding racers and their incredibly supportive teams,” said Kloety. “We congratulate every Team Arctic racer and crew member for being part of the most successful race program’s in snowmobiling competition.”


Team Arctic High Point Class Champions in ISOC National Snocross

Tucker Hibbert – Pro

Daniel Benham – Pro Lite

Matt Pichner – Pro AM Plus 30

Trent Wittwer – Sport

Anson Scheele – Junior 14-15 and Junior 16-17

Sophia Hulsey – Junior Girls 9-13                            

Drew Freeland – Transition 8-13, Transition 9-13 and Junior 10-13

Landon Giese – Stock 200

Brady Freeland – 120 Champ


Team Arctic High Point Class Champions in USXC Cross-Country

Wes Selby – Pro Open

David Brown – Semi Pro 600

Savannah Landrus – Women’s

Brian Brodehl – Masters 40 Plus and I-500 Open

Hannah Diesen – Junior Girls 14-17

Braden Sillerud – Expert 600 Limited

Annie Olson – Junior Girls 10-13

Caleb Nymann – Junior Boys 10-13

Morgan Nyquist – Expert 600 Improved

Nicholas Nyquist – Sport 600 Limited and Junior 14-17

Morgan Nyquist – Trail

Brian Brown – Classic IFS 50 Plus

Bill Young – Vintage

Gary Tintes – Vintage 50 Plus


Tucker Hibbert, 2018 ISOC Pro Champion. Photo by

Wes Selby, 2018 USXC Pro Open Champion. Photo by

Dan Benham, 2018 ISOC Pro Lite Champion. Photo by

David Brown, 2018 USXC Semi Pro 600 Champion. Photo by



  1. Team Arctic put a serious effort into their new SX & XC sleds and with more talented drivers at the helm, it’s no wonder why AC dominated in every aspect of sno mo racing.

    The Doo/Poo boys were tired of seeing the AC tail lights all race season long. LOL. Now AC must not rest and build even better sleds this off season.

    As a Cat rider/racer from the CDN Arctic, I too am proud to represent Team AC Racing.

  2. That’s just awesome!! Love to see Cat on top. Congratulations to all the Cat drivers, teams and Cat. Thanks go to Mr. Kolety too. Great job!!

  3. What about factory 600 in ice ovals in USSA, Joseph Schwartz high point driver on an arctic cat zr 6000 xc. Would be nice to get a little press.

  4. ditto on what doug Schwartz said. Never a mention of ice ovals on articinsider. These races are really exciting to watch. Comon john, give us some coverage of ice ovals. Betcha cat has a lot of wins.

    john, give us some coverage of ice ovals.


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