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I was looking at Country Cat’s social media pages and realized two new Limited Edition Prowler Pro UTV models are shipping and arriving at a U.S. dealer near you now. Attached below is a bit more detailed spec information on the Prowler Pro S and Prowler Pro Ranch Edition in both regular and crew cab versions PLUS, a look at some accessories available for each. -Kale







  1. For anyone looking for a super quiet around the ranch type of vehicle this is it! Maybe throw a small turbo on it for the excitement factor?

    Anyone know if they have anything coming with heat and A/C? Seems to be a market for it.

  2. kale, you hear anything about tracker? We’ve been hearing all kinds of rumors from guys at the nearest bass pro shop
    Lots of customers are looking for heat and AC.

  3. Kale, sorry to be off subject but do you know what happened to the Boss Cat Legacy website? One of my favorites.

  4. I’m looking at a Polaris Northstar or a Can Am Defender Limited for this very reason. I want the creature comforts of heat, ac and a really nice cab. AC is always behind the competition in one way or another it seems.

    • All that innovation that Cat had brilliant flashes of? Ideas that just lacked the capital and scale to execute properly? Well the capital and scale (Textron) came in and said NOPE. Buy the Can Am.

      • It boggles the mind doesn’t it? How can it be so difficult to offer what the people are asking for? And this goes across all the offerings from AC / Textron. We need a bigger 2 stroke motor in the sleds and A bigger than single cylinder 600 in the ATV line. Offer some heat and AC in the prowler pros and a damn 4 seat XX and a turbo option for the XX line. Lets get with the program AC / Textron. The above moves would surely increase overall sales.

  5. For what they want to charge for those AC included units, you are better off with a Jeep. I don’t need the AC when I am out trying to get dirty.

    • Then don’t buy one with AC. Some of us however would like the option to roll up the windows and stay nice and cool/clean on hot summer dusty days. Same goes for cold winter days… roll up the windows and stay toasty warm with the heat on.

      • You can install a heater in it and still save close to 15 grand. Again, save the money and buy a jeep over a Polaris with the now standard stop ride accessory.

        • As usual you don’t have the slightest clue what people want, and buy. Poo is going to sell more of those expeditions than AC builds all model sxs combined this year. Caned ham is going to do the same with their loaded defender.
          Look at the sport SXS category. AC was one of the first manufactures in the hard core market with the wildcat x, they added a 4 seat version, the sport, trail, etc.
          Robby Gordon designed and developed the XX, a 4 seat version, turbo 2 seater, and turbo 4 seater. Textron failed to live up to his contract, so he left and started his own SXS company. In that time he’s designed, developed, and brought to market a complete new brand of SXS with more models, more features, and more HP than textron (who lost a $45+ million lawsuit).
          Making that even worse is the FACT, that all they had to do was build the machines that had been developed, and not only would there have been no suit, but they would have 3 to 5 times the sales/market share they currently do.
          Instead they now they have one single machine in the entire segment. Every manufacture out sells them.

  6. Arctic Cat seems to be very content with the line up they have. I don’t see how that could be, but they really have not done anything at all to stay current with the competition. I am not trying to bash them, just being honest. They have come out with one 600 atv from the time Textron took over. Robbie Gordon started to build his own after leaving A/C, and they are already in production. I know Cat is missing a huge segment in off road, and I don’t understand what they could be thinking? Several of my long time riding buddy’s have moved from Arctic cat to Polaris, and one to a new defender. Its sad to see people leave the brand for lack of development by A/C. I am curious how many are working on the dirt side of the company?

    • Might of had something to do with Textron’s brilliant idea to try and rebrand the off-road line and drop the Cat name. Any credibility that was left disappeared overnight. We often ride at the famed Silver Lake Scramble Area here in Michigan; it has become a running joke who can spot the most Cats…you’re lucky if you find even one. Certainly doesn’t help that Textron eviscerated the dealer network too. Hell, these days it’s even hard to find Cat sleds at the racetrack outside of Cor Powersports.

  7. Sad to see doom and gloom response but they need an awakening to what costumers want. I’m hoping the lack of models is do to supply issues? Would make sense. I know allot of costumers where waiting for new 50″ 60″ model and have moved on. Also sad to see parts are becoming unavailable for 750 twin that’s not even 10yrs old yet! At least sled market is looking good but need to step up everywhere else.

  8. It’s really sad that Cat doesn’t have the desire to keep up to the competition. BRP and POO are junk! Yamaha makes really nice machines. Probably would go that route. Suzuki makes a solid ATV, Kawasaki isn’t too bad.

  9. I know Cat guys who couldn’t wait anymore for Cat to come out with AC and heat so they were forced to buy a Ranger. Not sure why Cat don’t want to make Prowler Pro models with full cabs and AC and heat!!!???


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