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Why The World Loved Rob Kincaid – Tell a Story If Ya Got One


Late Friday night (April 3) I received a call with news you never want to hear, or believe to be true. The information of Rob Kincaid’s passing earlier in the day due to an avalanche really stung, as I’m still in disbelief. The world has lost a pretty amazing individual who enjoyed life to the fullest. My heart, prayers and condolences go out to all his friends and family.

I believe Rob's tenure as a Team Arctic Racer spanned longer than most starting in the 90s. Photo: RLT Photography

Here’s why we loved Rob Kincaid


People Gravitated Towards Rob

(L-R) Garth Kaufman, Jason Nethercott (Robs friend and mechanic), Rob Kincaid and Rob's son Riley

In 2011, I was on a test trip in Island Park, Idaho with members of Arctic Cat’s engineering team. While there, they took me to my first RMSHA hillclimb race at nearby Afton. 

At this point, I had met Rob in passing, but never spent any time with him. Standing in a group outside his race trailer he points me out and says loudly, “Hey Big Fella! You the marketing guy from Cat? I’ll tell ya right now, You ain’t gonna stand down here to watch this race. I’m takin you to the top to get a real view of this Chit Show.”

Rob and Riley standing by his race trailer

I’m truly glad Rob brought me up top. The perspective and view were incredible. From the bottom, you didn’t realize how steep this “hill” was, not to mention the size of the tree stumps and rocks the competitors had to navigate to reach the top.

I stood up there all day, and a clear vision has stuck with me about Rob Kincaid ever since – people gravitated towards him. On that day, whenever I heard laughter and saw a small group of people, there in the center, was Rob. I witnessed this scenario play out countless times in various settings since that day – and that’s one reason Rob was such a great ambassador for Arctic Cat and snowmobiling in general.

Rob had fans of all ages!


David McClure

The dynamic duo of Rob (L) and David McClure (R) was pure poetry when they were together

I love Rob because of David McClure. Rob and Dave were like inseparable brothers. Their competitive natures pushed each other to do better in all aspects of their lives. The duo was comedic in nature and humor often derived from the uneven relationships between the two.

#BestBuddies RnD 

The two were relatable because of same genders, professions, love of the outdoors, life experiences and love for family and friends despite their age difference. McClure was quiet, more reasonable and semi-serious while Rob was portrayed as funny, maybe less intelligent (redneck), silly and unorthodox. 

At an Arctic Cat Photoshoot in Togwotee, Dave (L) dressed up as Rob, and Rob (R) dressed up as their hero, Rex "The Silver Fox" Hibbert.

Together, they were a brilliant comedic duo people demanded more of if they spent any time around the two. In more times than I can remember, Dave would often tee-up stories and feed them to Rob with a softball-like pitch to knock out of the park.  The end result was nothing less than a belly laughing homerun every time.

Always clowning...RnD


Rocky Mountain Rob’s Mystique

Few knew Rob as a Cattle Rancher. A "hobby" he took up in recent years.

Rob liked to play-up his redneckedness (that’s a word), but he was far from unintelligent. Rob ran Teton Custom Homes based out of Victor, Idaho. He ran it in a manor allowing him ample time to truly enjoy all life had to offer.  Rob’s passions? Most reading here probably knew him as a professional snowmobiler, but like the powder Rob lived to ride in, he was a little deeper than that. 

Rob was seriously a world class hunter. The public land animals he harvested were true trophies

World class hunter, trapper, mountain bike racer, dirtbike rider, horseman, cattle rancher, gardener and amazing cook, were a few of his pastimes he tackled with the same fervor and success rate as his snowmobile riding.  

Rob loved challenges. He found a love for "them peddle bikes" a handful of years ago. And he was at the front of the pack during his first race! Pictured here Rob (L) and Garth Kaufman (R)


The World Will Miss Robisms

Rob had a serious talent for butchering the English language, and those that knew him best will miss what came to be known as Robisms. My favorites in no particular order:

Chit Holin

This is where Rob took you riding. Typically littered with trees and gnarly sidehilling that left Rob stuck in tree wells and yelling at Dave as he watched Rob struggle. 

Over the years I learned Chit Holin led to a Chit Show. As evidenced here.

Chit Show

This is usually what Rob’s Chit Holin’ turned into.

Imma Doer

“Don’t worry Dave! You stand up there and watch me get unstuck! I’m a Doer!”

Just over that ridge...

Just Over That Ridge

Hey Rob, where we goin?…”Just over that ridge.”  


This is what powered all Rob’s Arctic Cat’s – The Mortar. And was also the partial name of his clothing sponsor, MortarFist.


“Your Mortar will Detnate if you run out of oil Chit Holin’.”

Jason Nethercott's ace wrenching combined with Speedwerx Supercharger is where Boost Roost comes from!

Boost Rooster

Speedwerx put their supercharger on my 800 mortar. It’s a Boost Rooster!”

Ain’t Dick

“That new 850 mortar ain’t dick.”

Do you even know anything about Elk?

If you liked hunting, you had better have your facts and stories straight around Rob. The man literally spent 90 days a year living in the backcountry tracking and harvesting trophy animals. If he sensed any bullchit, you can guarantee he’d tell you, “Do you even know anything about Elk?”

Do you even know anything about Elk?


Family was Important to Rob

Rob has a great family, and was truly proud of his daughter Shelby and son Riley. If you wanted to talk kids, Rob always had “Proud Dad” moments he’d share. His wife Kim, was his true love, and held her in the highest regards any time he’d talk about her. Some of my favorite stories are ones Rob shared about them dating. He’d typically end by saying, “Yeah. Any woman who can put up with Ol’ RMR as long as her, is a keeper!”

Rob pictured with his wife Kim and daughter Shelby

Rob shared his love of hunting with his kids, pictured here with Shelby

Rob and his son Riley

Rob not only cared about his family, but he genuinely cared about everyone elses families. This was something I truly appreciate about Rob (and Dave). A week ago, Rob called me out of the blue and said, “Hey buddy! Just calling all my friends to see how they’re surviving this corona virus.” 

Then he asked about my wife and kids, and even asked about my parents well-being. As I think about that thirty minute conversation, the tears are streaming down my face – we never once talked about Arctic Cat, Snowmobiling or the like, just about our families. Ill cherish that conversation. He thanked me for taking his call and said, “Keep in touch. I always enjoy talking to you.”

Enjoy riding in God's Country Rob! Ill see you later.

I look forward to the day I get back in touch with Rob Kincaid. I can envision him now…standing next to the Lord in “God’s Country” saying, “From up here, you can see 365 degrees in every direction!”



  1. Sorry but I do not have a story about Rob. I never met him in person but I felt like I knew him. He was my kind of guy. Snowmobiler, hunter, trapper and most importantly a family man. I have followed Rob through out his career. I would watch all of his videos. Especially with Dave. When I found out about this tragedy my heart sank. I don’t understand why this happened. Why would such a great man be taken? These last couple of days I went back and watched videos of him and others with him. I’m still doing it. They make me smile, laugh and cry. It’s amazing how someone you never met has left an impact on me.

    I have no words to make the pain go away. My thoughts and prayers go to his wife and kids. They can know that Rob made this world a better place for all of us.

  2. Met him probably 5 or 6 times between the Denver and Salt lake snow shows, haydays, and in Tog once. Nothing overly memorable except he was always busting Daves balls for something and left me with the impression that he enjoyed being out there and meeting people and talking sleds.

  3. Always looked forward to his videos. My favorite was from this last year when He and Dave were promoting dealerships leaving swag bags in various spots. At one dealership, he addressed the audience with “Alright all you gang-bangin’ carrot snappers!” I laughed so hard I had to gasp for air. Thanks for writing this up, Kale. He will be missed.

  4. Rob and Dave have been two of ACs best ambassadors IMO. And it’s because of what you say here. They were relatable. Especially to us guys who own small businesses, love to play and enjoy life. They had personality. I loved the Destination Elevation series. The outtakes were my favorites. I wish Dave the best and hope he doesn’t quit. My condolences to Rob’s family.

  5. “Hi, my names Rob Kincaid, maybe you heard of me, I’m kind of a big deal”

    Riding with Rob and Dave around West Yellowstone, we come across an older couple stuck on a small hill, Rob rides right up to them and jumps off and says here let me get that unstuck for you, he gets the sled unstuck and turns around and says “Hi, my names Rob Kincaid, maybe you heard of me, I’m kind of a big deal” they didn’t know what to say so just shook his hand and thanked him lol, everyone laughed when you rode with Rob and Dave, it was a nonstop chit show and a nonstop comedy show every time someone got stuck, I only got to ride with them a few times but I’ll never forget that big smile. Ride on Rocky Mountain Rob

  6. Wasn’t having to good of qualifying day (RMSHA Race) Rob came into my trailer we talked for a bit / said to me don’t give up!! He always made me feel like family- Team Arctic family/ RMSHA family. He will be missed!! RIP RMR 103 ????????????????

  7. Beautiful tribute, Kale. It’s nice to hear all these stories about Rob. To be around Rob was to EXPERIENCE Rob. It was truly a multi-faceted experience.

    I remember the first time meeting and riding with him. A large group of us rode from Arctic Cat’s mountain test facility in Island Park, to a place called Elk Lake Resort, for a great lunch.

    There were probably 15 of us. During the ride out to the resort, we stopped at a number of awesome riding spots to shoot pix. Rob (and Dave and Shay and Tupper and others) were all amazing riders, of course, doing stuff on their sleds that made me and the handful of other flatlanders shake our heads in awe.

    One thing that struck me about Rob that day was that he did his very best to help coach a few of us. He did it without judgement. He was a gifted teacher that day, genuinely caring about the novices who were along for the ride. He wasn’t trying to show off or prove anything. He was gracious and helpful.

    Later, at lunch, he had the entire group rapt over stories about him hunting and gardening and other subjects. He was redneck, spiritual, curious, athlete, even vulnerable. He was truly Renaissance.

    I’m grateful to have experienced that day, and to experience Rob.

    To Rob’s family, Dave, and all of Rob’s friends: I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you find peace.

  8. Thank you all for sharing an RMR story…ALL are awesome!

    Sandberg- That Elk Lake ride, traversing down the waterfall was always one of my favorite rides. That day you wrote about, Rob turns to me at restaraunt and says, “Theres one thing about you flatlanders! Once you hit the trails, ya go like raped apes! It’s hard to keep up, and my titties are cold in this mountain gear ridin so fast!! [Hearty Laugh]

  9. Reading all of these always seems to leave me with a loss for words the right ones anyway. The one I most relate to is Kens. Not ashamed to admit it the day I found out I shed a few tears. Since then my prayers and condolences have gone out to his family and his best friend and brother David McClure. I was fortunate enough this morning to read an Instagram post from his son Riley. He must have been an awesome father and husband. May he rest in peace and may the good Lord help his family heal and find peace.

  10. I don’t do or have any social media accounts so I can only post here. I’ve been reading a lot of great posts on Rob and I wanted to offer this. Hope that’s Ok?

    Yesterday was Rob’s funeral. I live in the northern/central part of Minnesota. I could not attend but would have loved to so I could show my respects and offer condolences to the family and friends of Rob.

    Well yesterday afternoon the sun was shining here. The next thing I know the clouds moved in and it started snowing. (Not in the weather reports). It came down fast with big flakes. It was a blizzard. The ground was covered in white in a short time. I could not help but think this came from Rob. I went outside to be in the snow. I was thinking of Rob and smiling as it came down. I felt as though I was at his funeral. This took place for about 15 minuets. As soon as the snow came in it was then gone. The sky cleared and the sun was out again. I believe it was Robs way of saying that it’s all good and that things are and will be Ok.

    Dave: I hope you continue to ride. I’m sure you will be lonely and feel empty when you do go out. But don’t forget, Rob will be with you every moment. When you want Rob to talk to you just get stuck or do something stupid. I can hear him now talking Chit to you. Give it back to him too.

    To the family of Rob: After you lay Rob to rest and give him back to God I pray that you find peace and happiness again. We all miss Rob but will never forget him. He is in our hearts forever. God bless all of you.


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